Raise a new level in using smart surveillance cameras for users

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2021-10-24 19:46:32

Today, the need to remotely monitor your home security is quite common, especially for families with children or pets. Stemming from a similar need, I researched to install a device myself at home.

Having used xiaomi home appliances such as electric fans, kettles, etc., I immediately chose this product. It is quite a lot cheaper than a typical home security camera system. In addition, one more reason I choose Xiaomi Imilab C21 is that it is very compact, with many features and strong connectivity to the smart device system in the house that I am building.

If you are also interested in this surveillance camera product line, I bought it at TCS store for 719 thousand VND. Here is my review of Xiaomi Imilab C21.

High definition images

One of the problems of surveillance cameras is to save storage and transmission space, so the image quality is often not high. However, iMiLab C21 does not follow this path. Instead, it can record high definition video in QHD quality – 1440p 2.5k (2560 x 1440px) delivers very high image definition allowing you to monitor and detect the slightest changes. With a large global cloud storage system, Imilab ensures high-speed observation anywhere in the world.

Not only during the day, but also at night, iMiLab C21 proves its excellent image quality. It captures light significantly better than many surveillance camera models in the same segment on the market.

In low light, the camera still displays full color and only turns the infrared image page when there’s really no light. In complete darkness, the device can still detect movements as well as objects clearly.

Automatic intelligent recognition

One of my favorite things about IMiLab C21 is that it is equipped with AI and can distinguish between humans and animals. The camera will automatically follow the stranger.

The device will automatically notify when it detects strangers or movement and sends notifications about the application to the user.

More than just an image, the IMiLab C21 also has a sound sensor and alerts you when there are strange sounds such as loud noises, the cries of children or animals when not in continuous observation mode.

Wide angle, can rotate 360 ​​degrees

Xiaomi Imilab C21 is equipped with a motion support system that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees with ease. Thanks to that, I can observe many angles and the field of view is also wider.

Panoramic feature can set each angle and timer the camera to automatically rotate and warn of motion at that angle. The spacious display space helps to observe the entire area you need to monitor to help you have a better overview.

For example, I put the camera in a room with 2 doors, on two different sides, I can set it to check in the morning from 6 am to 12 pm, and in the afternoon from 12 pm to 6 pm to check one door. In addition, we can also set up to rotate 360 ​​degrees, rotate once every 5-10 minutes. This helps me to observe the entire necessary area simply without having to set up many cameras.

Support two-way communication

Not just simple monitoring, with Xiaomi Imilab C21, I can use it as a tool to perform as a means of communicating with people at home through speaker and mic system. When I’m far away, I can speak through the phone and it will output the speaker located on the rear of the device. Similarly, people at home can also communicate with themselves through the camera with the same image and sound quality as when making video calls through applications.

Easy connection and operation with virtual assistant

Xiaomi Imilab C21 connects to phones on both Android and iOS through ImiLab Home. The connection process between the two devices is easy and hassle-free. All I need to do is follow the instructions provided by the app.

Once set up, I can use the app to control the camera and receive notifications sent by the app from what the camera receives.

If you use virtual assistants like Alexa or Google, Xiaomi Imilab C21 can now work well with these tools. You can completely perform voice commands so that the camera performs the required actions such as rotating the viewing angle, switching to a panoramic view or making a conversation.

Fully equipped

When I opened the Xiaomi Imilab C21 box, I received everything I needed including, camera, power cord and cable and a set of brackets with screws to turn the device upside down if desired. However, because I want to use it in flat mode, I have not used this set of prices.

The included power supply is a 5V-2A type equivalent to the input source of a mobile phone charger. This means that I can completely use the power bank to plug in the Xiaomi Imilab C21 and in fact it already works with the power bank. Combined with a memory card through the slot, Xiaomi Imilab C21 can work even during power outages and network outages. This is what I am very “enjoyed” with Xiaomi Imilab C21,


With the price of 719,000 VND, it makes me really satisfied with what the Xiaomi Imilab C21 surveillance camera brings: from normal observation, wide-angle observation, noise detection to two-way communication.


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