Rarible establishes partnership with Adobe to increase authenticity for NFT

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2021-10-28 14:50:18

The famous American computer software corporation, Adobe, has joined forces with the NFT Rarible marketplace to support a platform to help verify and protect the content data of NFT works.

Raribe establishes partnership with Adobe to increase authenticity for NFT

Rarible announced the new feature in an official post on October 26. Creators can now easily verify ownership of encrypted content created across Adobe’s multiple platforms, including Photoshop. , Stock and Behance.

Using the Photoshop desktop app to create NFTs, creators were able to link their social media profiles and wallet addresses to their work. This gives consumers more certainty that a piece of content is the legitimate work of the artists.

Rarible and other NFT marketplaces have partnered with Adobe to help display these “content credentials.” Their help will ensure that this feature is widely available throughout the NFT world and allows collectors to verify NFT works are being minted and generated by the same wallet.

“We fully support Adobe’s mission to make the crypto world a more open, safer place for creators and consumers.”

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Ensuring the authenticity of original NFT works is at the core of what makes NFT and blockchain technology so special. As a result, sportspeople, celebrities, and investors are seeing tremendous opportunity and participating more and more in the NFT space.

Yesterday, “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort publicly participated in the NFT craze and stated that he did not want to give up the field. As soon as Shiba Inu (SHIB) established a new ATH, the Shiba Inu NFT collection immediately entered a period of record prices and dizzying popularity. Early buyers received more than 300% profits from their works.

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