Raydium (RAY) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Details about the virtual currency RAY

Raydium (RAY) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Details about the virtual currency RAY


2021-03-22 22:35:46

Raydium (RAY) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Raydium is an AMM built on the Solana blockchain that uses the Serum DEX’s central order book to enable lightning-fast transactions, shared liquidity, and new features for profit.

Raydium has the pioneering advantage of being AMM in Serum and will be an integral part of bringing new and existing projects and protocols into the ecosystem. The protocol will act as a bridge for projects that want to extend to Solana and Serum.

In the process, the Raydium and the RAY token will become the platform that enables further development with its own partners, its own platform, and the entire ecosystem.

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Raydium is nothing special

Other AMM DEX and DeFi protocols can only access liquidity in their own pools and do not have access to the central order book. Also, with the majority of platforms running on Ethereum, transactions are slow and gas fees are high.

Raydium offers several key advantages:

  • Faster and cheaper: The project leverages the efficiency of the Solana blockchain to achieve larger transactions than Ethereum, and the gas fee is a fraction of the cost.
  • Central order book for liquidity across the ecosystem: Raydium provides on-chain liquidity for Serum DEX’s central limit order book, which means Raydium allows access to the command line and liquidity of the entire Serum ecosystem.
  • Transaction interface: For traders who want to be able to view TradingView charts, place limit orders and have more control over their trades.

What is RAY Token?

RAY is unility, governance token of the Raydium ecosystem

RAY basic information

Ticker RAY
Blockchain Solana
Contract 4k3Dyjzvzp8eMZWUXbBCjEvwSkkk59S5iCNLY3QrkX6R
Token Standard Governance, Unility token
Token type SPL
Total Supply 555,000,000 RAY
Circulation supply 11.106,549 RAY

Token allocation

  • Mining Reserve: 34% – 188,700,000 tokens
  • Partnership & Ecosystem: 30% – 166,500,000 tokens
  • Team: 20% – 111,000,000 tokens
  • Liquidity: 8% – 44,400,000 tokens
  • Community & Seed funding: 6% – 33,300,000 tokens
  • Advisors: 2% – 11,100,000 tokens

Token issuance schedule

  • Mining Reserve: updating…
  • Partnership & Ecosystem: updating…
  • Team: lock 1 to 3 years
  • Liquidity: updating…
  • Community & Seed funding: 1 year lock
  • Advisors: lock 1 to 3 years

RAY Token Sale

Community Bonfida pool sale token with 1.1% of total supply. Have a 1 year lock, after which they will be completely unlocked.

What is RAY used for?

  • Governance: RAY token holders can participate in the administration of the platform
  • Receiving fee: RAY Holder can Staking RAY to receive part of the transaction fee arising from Raydium Trade and Raydium Swap. (project products)
  • Reward: Users can earn RAY by participating in the farm liquidity pool and staking.

How to earn RAY Token

You can earn RAY when you join farming liquidity pools or staking.

Or the simplest way is to buy on a listed exchange.

What exchanges are RAY tokens traded?

You can buy RAY coins on Serum DEX or on the FTX floor. If you do not know how to use the FTX platform, the instructions below are for you:

What is FTX? [Hướng dẫn đăng ký và giao dịch chi tiết nhất]

RAY coin storage wallet?

  • The wallets you can use such as Sollet, Coin98 Wallet, …
  • Or you can save it on the FTX wallet if you want.

Potential evaluation of Raydium (RAY)

Raydium Team

  • AlphaRay: AlphaRay leads Raydium’s overall strategy, operations, product orientation, and business development. After joining DeFi in 2020, Alpha realized that the market needed an AMM order book to aggregate liquidity, and with the release of Serum, gathered a team of experienced trading developers to solve the problem. subject.
  • XRay: XRay is the CTO and Dev team leader of Raydium. 8 years of experience as a transaction system and low latency architect for both traditional and crypto markets.

Investor & Partner

raydium our partner


Raydium There are 5 core products of Raydium: Trading, swap, pool, staking, farm.

Raydium can provide the same powerful trading experience as on CEX due to its integration with Serum. If you have ever been upset because there are absolutely no order books, reliable charts on other DEXs, I think you guys will love trading on Raydium.

If you prefer the quick and easy “swap” option, Raydium still supports it. Any SPL token can be quickly exchanged for another token using RaydiumSwap.

As for Raydium’s liquidity, it comes from its own liquidity pools, as well as from the wider Serum order book shared by all Serum users. This means more liquidity and less slippage for Raydium traders.

When trading or swapping on Raydium, the transaction will be charged 0.25%:

  • 0.22% is sent back to the liquidity pool and acts as a reward for the LP
  • 0.03% is sent to the blockchain and serves as a reward for those who stake their RAY tokens.


Q4 2020

  • Project concept and scope
  • Protocol development and iteration on testnet

Quarter 1, 2021

  • Completed development of liquidity pool and staking, launch mainnet
  • Launch website and platform
  • Develop a cross-chain swap

Quarter 2, 2021

  • Study of additional marketplace creation models and features when collaborating with other protocols

Quarter 3, 2021

  • Oracle to improve market formation
  • Idea of ​​a governance model in collaboration with partners

Should we invest in RAY?

Raydium has the pioneering advantage of being AMM in Serum and will be an integral part of bringing existing and new projects and protocols into the ecosystem.

In the long run, Raydium aims to capture and maintain the lead among AMMs and LPs on the Serum. At the same time, leverage the power of Solana to promote the development of DeFi talent and emerge as the leading protocol in the space with partner and community.

Raydium provides a pathway for the new step, where projects and individuals can quickly enter the Solana and Serum universe to take advantage of its distinct advantages in speed and efficiency. Faster transactions, lower fees, and ecosystem-wide liquidity are essential if the people, projects, and protocols of DeFi evolve.

And you feel, features, what has been done of Raydium are worth seeing as a potential project. Please evaluate carefully before you want to invest.

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