Real-time tactile simulation artificial skin will make metaverse technology more realistic than ever

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2021-10-26 13:13:03

According to a research report published in the journal Soft Robotics, scientists working at the Lausanne Institute of Technology, Switzerland (EPFL) have developed a skin-like material with which we can make things. cloth worn on the body and simulated touch. According to the team, this touchable material feels more realistic than the widely used haptic feedback technology.

There is a long name, “closed haptic feedback control via pneumatically actuated self-sensing soft skin”, the fake skin device is only 500 nanometers thick, covering the outside of the body like an ultrathin layer of clothing.

Artificial skin can make virtual reality environments more realistic than ever.

Simply put, this “skin” applies pressure through a membrane inflated by compressed air, simulating touch more realistically than current haptic feedback technology, which uses vibrations to simulate sensation. touch.

Pushing compressed air into this thin layer of skin, the team was able to create different levels of pressure and frequency; Continuously pumping and ejecting gas, the thin film can also vibrate to varying degrees. Lying on the surface of the material is a sensor filled with electrodes that can monitor changes in the skin, feeding the data to a tiny processor that can modulate the sense of feedback. The new material also possesses good stretchability, being able to stretch to cover a significant area of ​​skin.

This is the first time we have developed a thin artificial skin that contains both sensors and actuators,” Harshal Sonar, study author told reporters. “It gives us the ability to control closed, that is to control the feeling that touch brings to the user. This will be a useful app for wearable devices“.

The next step will be to develop a prototype device that applies this technology for medical facilities as well as for augmented reality, virtual reality technology.,” added researcher Sonar. “Model device will contribute to brain studies“.

Potential to make the metaverse more realistic than ever

There is still one more application for this unique artificial skin, which is to help metaverse users become more immersed in the virtual world. For a long time, works of science fiction envisioned technological things that would allow users to perceive 3D objects in the virtual world. Tactile simulation devices such as the aforementioned artificial skin will bring “fiction” closer to “reality” than ever before.

According to researchers at EPFL, the haptic feedback provided by the artificial skin has the potential to adapt to the user’s movements in real time. That is, users of virtual reality technology, or those who step into the virtual world of the metaverse, can interact with virtual objects and immediately receive a sense of reality.

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Items that are 3D modeled will emit special signals, and the artificial skin will receive this signal, simulate it to transmit to the user’s skin. So in addition to a set of VR glasses worn on the head to see the virtual world, users will be able to wear extra gloves to feel the virtual world with their touch.

And a “magic carpet” locates players in a virtual environment

At the end of 2019, Microsoft registered the copyright to develop a unique virtual reality carpet. Located at the player’s feet, it will track the user’s movements and add depth to the virtual world.

According to Variety, the augmented reality system will consist of three main elements: an optical sensor, a computing system and a special mat. The sensor will track the user’s movement in 3D space, and the mat will accurately determine the user’s location.

Real-time tactile simulation artificial skin will make metaverse technology more realistic than ever - Photo 4.

This Microsoft system can generate unique experiences based on user activity, making the experience inside the virtual world more accurate and closer to reality than ever before.

The virtual reality enthusiast community is being “pampered” with. New technologies, new devices and new concepts – like the metaverse technology being promoted – are all designed to create the most realistic virtual environment possible.

Inside the metaverse, a virtual reality universe filled with very real things, users can unleash their creativity and engage in unique activities that don’t even exist in the real world.

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The tech industry leaders are all embracing the new metaverse concept. Facebook, NVIDIA, Epic Games, Microsoft are all focusing on researching and exploiting new horizons. The Metaverse, which is supposed to be the next evolution of the internet, will be a promised land filled with hope and opportunity.

The new revolution is coming, and its success will tell only time.

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