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2022-04-16 18:30:30

Samsung is especially aimed at users who are young people, students, and students – The price of Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 is not only very affordable, the duo also owns a youthful design with a soft curved design. With bold features of the Galaxy A Series, the gentle ‘cute’ color tone is the trend of today’s youth, the configuration is ‘just enough’ to meet entertainment and learning tasks smoothly. tru for a long time.

Galaxy A13 is “covered” by youthful and fresh tones.

In particular, both of Samsung’s new generation mid-range “pet chickens” are favored with high-resolution cameras and super-large screen sizes. It will help a lot in the study, as well as the work of today’s young people. Instead of carrying a lot of bulky documents and books with you, with just one phone, you have the whole world in the palm of your hand such as taking pictures, recording lectures, looking up knowledge. on google in just ‘tick’.


Camera with ‘super large’ resolution easily captures lectures and notes with high detail.


When taking photos with Galaxy A13, Galaxy A23 – Users will confidently zoom in ‘deep’ without fear of losing details.

With smooth swipes and touches on the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 duo, young people will have great user experiences, bringing excitement when studying, video calling with friends or meeting in groups. .


Samsung Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 confidently ‘Say Yes’ with most task management tasks, studying on gmail, google sheet or google docs..


Video call to friends and colleagues to share knowledge and information easily with just a few touches.


Let Galaxy A13 ‘accompany’ you during stressful hours of study and work

After hours of intense study, GenZs will again be fascinated with the large screen, true colors and super sharpness on the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 duo. Let Samsung’s new generation A-Series duo become a ‘mini’ cinema to enjoy with your friends.


6.6 inch screen watching movies ‘extremely’.

It is surprising that Samsung equips up to 4 cameras for both models that are only in the segment of 6 million VND or less. Users will have many specialized choices in different usage needs. The 50MP wide-angle camera not only helps you record slides and lectures in detail and quickly. With the OIS optical stabilization system to help stabilize the frame when the subject is moving quickly, the Galaxy A23 and Galaxy A13 will be great photography tools in this price range.


Realistic, sharp camera.

Possessing a sharp and realistic 8MP front camera system, young people will not have to worry about the quality of selfies or video calls ‘enjoy’ with friends, online group meetings .. very suitable during the COVID pandemic. -19 is still going on.


Video call to friends anytime, anywhere.

One of the very ‘salty’ advantages on the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 is the large 5,000mAh battery capacity that helps you study and work for a long day without having to worry about the story being ‘broken in the middle’. Combined with fast charging technology, you can comfortably use it with many different light and heavy tasks and have complete peace of mind that the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 duo will still be with you until the evening, even into the day. 2 with basic needs such as making calls, surfing the web..


The high battery life helps you get a full day of use.

With the Dolby Atmos surround sound system, you just need to plug in your headphones and enjoy the full ‘chill’ feeling with the surreal sound world on Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23. You will feel like you are immersed in the sound bars happening around you. Relieve stress after a long day of studying and stressful work. A great device that Samsung has for the mid-range mobile segment.

Both models are provided with a 4-camera system with specialized tasks, you will have many options to be able to live virtual, confidently express your personality and creativity with sensors. In addition, you can also edit images with a series of equipped filters, many interesting shooting modes to remove fonts such as removing swirly fonts, zooming / zooming or color points.





With such an attractive price for what is equipped, you can hardly ask Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 for more ‘outstanding’ technologies. If compared with models in the same segment, even the new generation mid-range duo from Samsung is significantly superior. Most importantly, the Samsung brand has always had a firm foothold in the hearts of users with its coverage in most segments for many years. Therefore, Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 will definitely be an extremely reasonable choice for most common users, especially students.

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