Redmi K50 exposes the design and configuration of the ‘fire’ to threaten the iPhone

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2021-08-17 13:32:28

(CHK) The recent high-end smartphone Redmi K50 has revealed many more bright points in configuration that make users stand still.

After Redmi K40, the next generation will probably be called K50 with the inheritance of what is the most quintessential of this product line. K50 will continue to hit the mid-range segment with the highest possible hardware configuration.

Several recent leaks from independent leak sources like Leaker Bald Panda and Digital Chat Station indicate that the three models expected in the K50 series (K50, K50 Pro and K50 Pro+) will use Snapdragon chipsets. Qualcomm’s chip does not rule out the possibility that the most advanced 888, 888+ or 895 chip model for the Pro, Pro + and 865 versions for the regular K50 version.

Rumors also swirl around that the K50 will be capable of charging up to 67W. The design will have E5 luminescent material with a 2K screen and a 120Hz refresh rate.

The new render images also show that the K50 series bears some close resemblance to Huawei’s P50 in terms of the rear camera cluster design. This module will also be convex and this shows a closer resemblance to the Huawei P50.

It looks like a camera with a hole in the middle may appear on the front. The hidden camera technology seems to be still too expensive for mid-range smartphones like the Redmi K50.

The frame of the new K50 also looks much more personal and stronger than the previous version. This could mark a change in the design language of Redmi and more broadly Xiaomi.

With a new design and configuration, Redmi K50 will probably still be very unique in the market in terms of configuration and price. This can make it one of the good competitors to the iPhone because Apple’s home phone line often innovates very little and the price is quite high.

The new Redmi K50 and K50 Pro are expected to launch in early 2022 with rumors surrounding the February 2022 date. It is not clear if Redmi will release a Gaming version for the K50, but it is likely to arrive at the end of April 2022 like what happened with this year’s K40 Gaming.


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