Reducing all efforts by 15 million to “block the door” of the iPhone 13 series

Reducing all efforts by 15 million to “block the door” of the iPhone 13 series


2023-05-18 05:14:41

In mid-May, the selling price of the Galaxy S22 series continuously decreased, with a huge reduction of up to VND 15 million continuing to dominate the high-end segment, “blocking” the iPhone 13.

In the midst of the 40 degree heat of summer, retailers continue to launch many attractive promotions with the heat even worse than the weather. In particular, the Galaxy S22 series is being offered a record reduction, even the amount is reduced enough to buy an additional iPhone 12.

Compact Galaxy S22, super economical price

Samsung Galaxy S22 launched with an extremely sophisticated and youthful appearance, bringing with it a trendy flat design, smooth 120Hz screen, 50MP AI camera cluster and powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor to come. from Qualcomm. Compared to iPhone 12, Galaxy S22 owns a large screen and high-quality camera cluster, but has a much “softer” price.

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Galaxy S22 Plus large screen, play games free of charge

Galaxy S22 Plus was launched with the same design as the standard Galaxy S22 version but significantly upgraded in terms of internal configuration parameters and usage time to bring interesting experiences to users. With the above price, it can completely ‘destroy’ Xiaomi 12 with a large screen, high-class AI camera and huge battery.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra reduced “soul”

Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most luxurious “super product” in the Galaxy S22 series. Not only has a large screen, powerful configuration, high-class camera cluster, but it also has an extremely luxurious appearance. Although it has a “softer” price than the iPhone 13 Pro, the camera cluster is even more “genuine” to help the Galaxy S22 Ultra “beat” the Apple representative.

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Price list of the latest Galaxy S22 series in May



Reference price



Hoang Ha Mobile

Galaxy S22


13,640,000 won

12,590,000 won

14,390,000 VND


14,290,000 won

16,290,000 won

1,690,000 won

Galaxy S22 Plus


17,790,000 VND

18,850,000 won


18,090,000 VND

18,090,000 VND

20,150,000 won

Galaxy S22 Ultra


18,890,000 VND

18,890,000 VND

19,690,000 won


20,890,000 VND

19,490,000 won


21,990,000 won

(Note: The above price list was updated on May 17, 2023. Information is for reference only and is subject to change.)

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