Reef Launches NFT Project Focusing on Graffiti and Electronic Music Artists

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2022-03-13 16:23:32

Reef made an announcement on March 11 that it will launch an NFT project focused on connecting graffiti artists and electronic music to blockchain.

Reef Platform

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Reef’s substrate is based on layer 1 blockchain, compatible with the most advanced EVM and smart contract functionality. Based on the nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism, the network offers optimal scalability along with low cost. Some other standout features include: native token bridge, on-chain governance, recurring payments, etc. The platform also supports an additional virtual machine that allows developers to code in several languages different programming languages.

Reef’s Art NFT Project

Reef has hired Philip Galaviz, an influential figure in the Denver music and art scene, to join as head of the NFT department. Philip has worked with Digitally Imported Radio, Global Dance and many electronic music artists. He is collaborating with IRL on a cultural arts and music program. As NFT Director, Philip is tasked with growing the business and expanding Reef’s services to a wide range of artists. The first targets are electronic and graffiti artists, music album cover designers.

Reef launches art NFT project

Philip and the Reef team fueled the first phase of the NFT wave at ETHDenver with a beginner’s workshop. Also featured graffiti artists like TukeOne, Mike Graves and Emit One DF. Reef recently released a list of grant recipients including Kanaloa, Dimension 11 Studios and Oyster. People who will build marketplaces and NFT dApps on Reef. The amount at the grant is up to $210,500 USD.

Denko Mancheski, Reef CEO, said:

“I firmly believe we have identified one of the most impactful commitments we can make this year. That helps solidify Reef’s future as a blockchain for DeFi, NFT, and gaming. Phillip is a longtime industry expert known for his deep connections in the music and art worlds. We are working on new NFT projects to make Reef NFT friendly and accessible to everyone. ”

Over the past two weeks, Reef has made many moves in updating the blockchain. They launched ReefScan V2 and a $REEF community advisor bond. Later this March, team members Denko and Reef will attend “Binance Blockchain Week” in Dubai.

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