‘Release’ the plot of Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX – Giang Ho was disturbed by the treasure of the standard jade seal

‘Release’ the plot of Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX – Giang Ho was disturbed by the treasure of the standard jade seal

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2022-09-11 23:40:41

This is the official game developed by publisher Kingsoft, and is expected to be launched by VNGGames in Vietnam market. The masterpiece of the classic classic swordplay game promises to stir up the hero society, the martial arts world in the last months of 2022. From the first images, the plot of Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX has made gamers “stimulated” “with a fervent spirit.

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Legend has it that in the world of Gypsies, there is a treasure stamped with a standard golden snake, whoever owns the jewel will become the supreme ruler of the world, having the ultimate power. Accordingly, the great demon cult Nalan Qian Lam plotted to bring the black path to dominate the martial arts, with the ambition to appropriate treasures.

The epic battle between the five great sects and the great demon sect leader Nalan Qianlin

Not to be left alone, the unity of the five great sects, including Thien Ren, Wudang, Emi, Duong Mon and Thien Vuong, joined forces to confront the demon sect master to bring justice to the country. Since then, the world of martial arts has been deeply involved in the mutiny scene in the heroic war between the two factions – good and evil.

Martial Forest Jewels – Golden Serpent Seal – the origin of Gypsy turmoil

In the death match at the den of the demon head Nalan Qian Lam, in addition to the knights under the righteous banner of the five great names, the plot trailer also intrigues viewers by the appearance of a new character. It was Nalan Zhi, the daughter of the Black Daoist. She is expected to be an important factor in the world of Martial Arts MAX, because Nalan only wears a precious golden snake seal.

However, while participating in the battle for the treasure, she was cut off by the powerful blade of Thien Nhan Grandmaster, causing the treasure to be lost in the depths of the ocean. The crown jewel of the world has also since disappeared, promising to implicitly re-enact a period of wind and blood dance of the gypsy world. In the midst of that period of turmoil, which martial artist will become the one to win the treasure and unify the entire swordplay world?

Treasures wandering in the depths, waiting for the hero to decide

Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX will inherit the quintessence of 17 years of Sword Hiep Tinh Duyen game series. Not only restoring the lively martial arts world, the game also retains the immortal values ​​that make up the Vo Lam Truyen Ky game series brand. Accordingly, the publisher VNGGames will keep the typical features such as the five great sects with the characteristics of mutual interaction according to the law of the five elements, the epic battlefield of thousands of people to compete, love cooperation with romantic interaction. romantic and typical is the system of free trade between the greats.

More specifically, Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX owns 4K-standard graphics quality, providing a superior experience with smooth visual effects and excellent appearance. The game also allows players to design their own unique-beautiful-strange MAX character interface, freely showing off their posture and personal style.

Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX – Ultimate experience – Absolute roleplaying

The pre-registration event has been announced and launched on the official fanpage and website. Gamers can join to experience the world of Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX soon. When players complete the pre-registration procedure, they will collect MAX gifts including 2 tickets to recruit companions, 22 Huyen Tinh Luc, 222 Nguyen Bao, 22,222 Silver and Cat Animal SS Extreme.

VNGGames has officially announced the legendary Bruce Lee to become the image ambassador of Martial Arts MAX. Player Doan Van Hau and female streamer MisThy will also be the next two faces to accompany the game. Accordingly, the game also opens Alpha Test from September 15 to here!

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