Report August 2021 CHK Wallet: Highlights & Plans

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2021-09-01 20:01:12

Continuing this memorable journey of July/August, the CHK Wallet universe continues to record many impressive achievements, milestones and special events, establishing partnerships and completing achievements. Important cases can be mentioned as Near Protocol, The Graph, Boba Network, Francium,…

Let’s take a look at CHK Wallet highlights this August and discover important upcoming updates.

CHK (C98) continues to be available on market leading crypto exchanges

In addition to popular exchanges such as Binance, FTX, PancakeSwap,, etc., C98 has gradually expanded its presence in the DeFi market as users can exchange C98’s trading pairs on various exchanges. market leading exchanges such as Sushiswap, Openswap, Biswap, OpenOcean and Tokocrypto.

Product development

CHK Mobile Wallet

In the past August, CHK Wallet has released 2 latest versions with many major changes, aiming to upgrade user experience and improve application performance.

In version 10.0.14, CHK Mobile Wallet added Universal Link offers a fast cross-platform trading experience in just one click. Meanwhile, the addition of 3D Touch will help users quickly access the tasks available in the app.

In version 10.1.0, users can experience DApp Browser in a completely special way when you can freely add your favorite DApps to your own list in the most convenient and easy way.

Besides the integration of online support (Live Chat Support), wallet recovery support with 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24 word Passphrases and the addition of the function of sharing Swap transactions via URL, this is considered as major steps of CHK Wallet in the mission of making it easy for users to access DeFi services. Details here.

CHK Extension Wallet

CHK Extension Wallet continues to release V5.4.6 and V5.4.7 versions that come with many performance improvements and UX/UI updates, which improve connectivity and user experience with other DeFi applications.

With CHK Wallet, the convenience and security of wallet users always come first.

Important Partners and Integrations

CHK Wallet has completed integration with many projects in the industry, such as:

Through these integrations, CHK Wallet hopes to bring more benefits to DeFi users, and long-term development expectations between the parties in the future.

Featured events

CHK Wallet has been marking great developments through a series of events and outstanding community activities:

CHK Wallet x Trader Joe social airdrop: August 2 – August 7 with a total prize pool of up to 15,000 JOE. Details here.

CHK Wallet x Multiplier social airdrop: 4/8 – 9/8 with a total prize of up to 1,000 BMXX. Details here.

GameX airdrop for CHK Wallet users: 8/16 with a total prize pool of up to 1.5M GAMEX.

DeFi Yield Protocol airdrop for CHK Wallet users: August 18 with a total prize pool of up to 1.5M GAMEX. $2,500 DYP.

CHK Wallet Minigame Crossword: 10/8 – 12/9 with prize 100 C98.

OpenOcean trading adventures: August 13 -20 with a total prize of up to $5000 DeFi tokens including C98.

Trading Competition with Tokocrypto: August 25 – September 14 with a total prize pool of up to Rp. 760,000,000 DeFi tokens including C98.

CHK (C98) will be available on Binance Savings with 30% APY

CHK (C98) will be available on Binance Futures with leverage up to 25x.

Users can now buy #C98 with Credit/Debit cards on Binance exchange.

CHK Wallet and AMA series of events: In August, CHK Wallet successfully held a series of AMA events with Swaperry, DeFi Land and DeFi Yield Protocol.

CHK Wallet officially reached 50,000 members on Telegram

CHK Wallet continues its journey of market expansion through focusing on community development. Summer days in August become even more brilliant when the community CHK Wallet on Telegram officially reached 50,000 members.

This is a very important milestone in the journey of bringing CHK’s multi-chain wallet and DeFi gateway to the world arena. The continuous support of community members is not only the driving force behind CHK Wallet to launch the best features, but also the strength for CHK Wallet to move forward steadily.

Other notable milestones

C98 hits new ATH after IDO event at price $6.42.

CHK Wallet also marks 2 million user-generated wallet addresses as it hit its first milestone last month.

In addition, CHK Wallet has officially reached the level of 170,000+ followers on the Twitter platform. And recently CHK was also officially launched Discord, expand discussion platform and user support.

Upcoming updates

Considered one of the fastest growing apps in the DeFi market, stay tuned for important CHK Wallet updates this September.

  • Expected to launch in early September, CHK Wallet version 10.2 will bring users the latest updated version with a lot of outstanding features that improve user experience and improve application performance.
  • The CHK Wallet team is still trying their best to bring the community interesting activities and attractive rewards. Follow CHK Wallet to not miss your chance to get rewards!

Closing a wonderful August, CHK Wallet thanks for the companionship and support of users, the community, and investors and partners during the past time.

After the milestones achieved in August, let’s look forward to a spectacular makeover of the CHK Wallet Universe this September.

About CHK Wallet

CHK Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet used for storing, managing, trading, and swapping multi-chain, multi-source digital assets.

CHK Wallet currently supports leading blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, TomoChain, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, HECO Chain, Near, Avalanche X-Chain & C-Chain, Binance Chain, Celo, BandChain , Kava, Terra, Cosmos, ThorChain, Fantom, Polygon, Persistence, XDai, KardiaChain, Ronin.

CHK Wallet has both Mobile App and Extension versions, becoming a gateway connecting users closer to the DeFi world.

Download now: iOS | Android | Extension

Follow CHK Wallet: Twitter | Website | Docs | Blog

Communities: Telegram | Facebook | Discord

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