Researchers compiled a list of more than 700 songs that can give listeners ‘goosebumps’

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2021-10-27 19:19:45

Researchers have spent years trying to figure out why some songs give listeners ‘chills’, which are pleasurable sensations such as tingling, shivering or goosebumps. Many theories have been put forward to answer this phenomenon.

Accordingly, many scientists believe that, in the process of listening to music, our mind often ‘races’ forward to imagine the upcoming tunes. However, when our predictions aren’t quite right, we often get chills from being surprised.

For example, this phenomenon occurs when the melody of a song suddenly changes, or when the sound of a particular instrument is suddenly ‘inserted’ into the song. Some other scientists believe that the feeling of ‘goosebumps’ when listening to music comes from the connection between emotions and empathy with the melody of the song.

Researchers have compiled a list of songs that can give you goosebumps

A recent study by Rémi de Fleurian, a doctoral student at Queen Mary University of London, shows that chilling songs are sad songs. Notably, the research team at Queen Mary University, has also compiled a list of more than 700 songs that are believed to be able to cause this phenomenon.

Then, the research team compared each track on the list above with songs of the same genre on the Spotify platform, analyzing each characteristic such as the mood of each song.

Finally, based on the collected data, the team was able to draw out the characteristics of the songs that can give listeners goosebumps. They are songs that “have a sad melody, slow tempo, less intense and more instrumental sound compared to normal songs”. These are songs that have a “subtlety”, that is, bring a feeling of “relaxation and peace” to listeners.

Currently, a list of 715 songs called “Songs to give you chills” based on researcher Rémi de Fleurian’s song collection has been published by Quartz. Compiled and uploaded to Spotify, it will take listeners more than a day to listen to the entire playlist, which includes works like Prince’s “Purple Rain”, Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and several versions of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen .vv

According to researcher Rémi de Fleurian, in addition to the 715 songs above, any other song has the ability to create chills, especially when they have a “personal connection” with the listener. .

Refer to Yahoo News / Quartz

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