Revealing Honda’s upcoming ‘street killer’, easily ‘dethroning’ Honda SH thanks to its beautiful design

Revealing Honda’s upcoming ‘street killer’, easily ‘dethroning’ Honda SH thanks to its beautiful design


2022-08-26 15:24:17

(CHK) Honda’s 56 million-dollar scooter is about to be released with an extreme design and threatens the “scooter king” position of the Honda SH model.

Recently, Honda Philippines has continuously added a series of new motorcycles including Honda Click 160, Honda Wave RSX and Honda Air Blade 160 in the domestic market. Not stopping there, the Japanese automaker is currently intending to open sales of the Honda ADV 160 model in this market in September. Honda ADV 160 is also a name that is expected by consumers in this market.

Honda ADV 160 will be launched in the Philippines next September

Honda ADV 160 was first introduced in Indonesia in July with a starting price of 56 million VND. The most impressive change on the Honda SH senior is in the single-cylinder engine block, with a capacity of 156.9cc with a capacity of 15.8 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and torque of 14.7 Nm. at 6,500 rpm. The engine block on the Honda ADV 160 is similar to the Honda PCX 160 model.

Honda ADV 160 added many new color options

The design of the Honda ADV 160 is only slightly tweaked compared to the 150cc version. However, Honda ADV 160 has been added with more impressive new color options such as Tough Matte White, Tough Matte Black, Dynamic Red and Dynamic White.

Honda ADV 160 impresses with technology

Besides, Honda ADV 160 also has many upgrades in equipment and features. Honda ADV 160 owns an LCD speedometer cluster with new graphics, a trunk with a capacity of 30L. Honda ADV 160 also impresses with a series of modern technologies such as HSTC traction control system and ABS anti-lock braking system similar to Honda SH. Accompanying that is disc brakes on both front and rear wheels.

Some equipment and features on Honda ADV 160

In addition to Indonesia, Honda ADV 160 is also being sold in the Vietnamese market in the form of imported CBU. However, compared to the selling price in other regions, the price of Honda ADV 160 in Vietnam is quite high, up to 93 million VND. Honda ADV 160 currently only has ABS version in the Vietnamese market. Meanwhile, it is highly likely that Honda ADV 160 will be distributed with both ABS and CBS versions in the Philippines due to its genuine distribution.

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