Revealing the purpose of the longest flight ever in the world

Revealing the purpose of the longest flight ever in the world


2021-03-24 02:06:50

Bob Tim, one of two pilots on the longest flight ever in the world, said the goal of a 64-day non-landing flight is to break records and pay $ 10,000 in remuneration.

According to Brightside, the Hacienda Hotel, Los Angles Strip, Clark County, Nevada, USA, is far from the city’s entertainment venues, so the business is not as favorable as expected and has run out of advertising ideas after the times hire children to stand by the road, give coupons to truck drivers in Barstow (San Bernardino district, California, USA) and hire a group of long-legged women to give out vouchers.

However, Bob Tim, a Hacienda casino mechanic and flight pilot, proposed a unique plan – to take the longest flight in history to break records and advertise. advertise for the hotel to receive 10,000 USD advertising fee by posting the name of the Hacienda hotel on the plane.

To make this flight with the Cesena 172, Bob Timm and John Cook, the two pilots on the flight, had to change a few things.


The plane’s extra seat has been removed and replaced with a mattress so the pilots can take turns resting for about four hours. On the aircraft is also fitted with a sink for personal hygiene. In addition, to fit this long trip, they have replaced a new engine, which can store more fuel.

The flight took off on December 4, 1959. At first, they planned to fly around Las Vegas, in case of landing if something went wrong. However, flights later flew around the deserts of California and Arizona.


Use a pickup truck to refuel

According to the plan, the flight lasted about more than 50 days, so they had to find a way to refuel. Instead of using solar cells, they used a pickup truck to refuel. One person sitting in the car underneath has drawn a white paint strip on the front wheel of the plane to make a mark. Therefore, the speed of the aircraft must be adjusted to match the speed of the pickup truck.

In this way, the plane is refueled and the pilots also receive a meal made by the chefs of the Hacienda hotel. This takes three minutes and is done twice a day. A total of 128 refueling times were carried out during the journey.

To fill their boring free time, they find entertainment by reading manga and doing chores. However, engine noise, isolation and fitness affected John and Bob. In fact, on day 35, the plane almost crashed as the pilot fell asleep while flying the plane. Luckily, the plane has autopilot on.

On the 39th day, the generator broke down and the plane lost power, but the flight continued.

On November 23, 1959, after 50 days of flight, they broke the record for the longest continuous flight ever made in history. However, despite the physical and mental challenges, the two pilots continued to fly for another two weeks to ensure the hard-to-be-broken record in the future.

On February 7, 1959, after 64 days, 22 hours 19 minutes 5 seconds and 241,400 km, about 6 times a round the world, the plane landed. Until now, the record is still held.

The Cessna 172 bearing number N9172B hangs from the ceiling of McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, M


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