Revealing the “secrets” to conquer the Solve for Tomorrow 2023 playground

Revealing the “secrets” to conquer the Solve for Tomorrow 2023 playground


2023-05-17 23:40:40

1. Accumulate a solid foundation of knowledge & skills

As young technology talents who are cherishing to “go the long way” with Solve for Tomorrow, there are many reasons to believe that the contestants have equipped a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, enough to show off their talents. your ideas through each round of competition. Obviously, besides the creativity and usefulness, the persuasiveness of the idea will largely be determined by the way the candidates apply their technology knowledge and soft skills during the process of introduction, development. develop and complete the project.

Knowledge from Solve for Tomorrow is the development foundation for “going the long way”

However, this does not mean that the starting point of the candidates is those who have a deep understanding of STEM and skills. On the contrary, at Solve for Tomorrow, young people will be professionally and intensively trained in STEM knowledge and soft skills. It can be said that the huge and completely free knowledge base from the program is also one of the features that make Solve for Tomorrow more special among the technology playgrounds for young people today.

2. “Equipped” with enough passion and persistence

Passion for technology and the desire to contribute youth to create the future is a necessary condition to bring young talents to Solve for Tomorrow. However, whether that passion is big enough, whether that desire is enough to create “endurance” for the contestants during the competition is another story.

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“Passion” is always an important baggage to help them overcome all challenges

“I understand that, for the members to be able to go together in a 7-month competition is not easy, especially since we are still having to balance both the regular school schedule and each person’s own schedule. This requires each member to have enough “fire” for the idea, be consistent with the group’s goals and be willing to pursue it,” shared Ngoc Minh, a contestant who just joined this year’s program.

3. Willingness to learn and listen to advice

The spirit of curiosity and openness in thinking are the “DNA” needed in the young generation on the path to creativity and mastering the future, and for the contestants in Solve for Tomorrow, this criterion is no exception. At a large playground backed by leading technologist Samsung, young people will for the first time learn and listen to advice from seasoned experts through training sessions on the website and Zoom. , or discussions with teachers guiding the implementation of the project. This will be one of the best learning opportunities for those who really want to go far on the journey of “creating the future” with real-life technology.

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Willing to learn and listen to best complete the contest model

Not only learning from leading experts in the industry, Solve for Tomorrow also provides a vibrant creative environment where young people with similar interests can exchange, share, learn, and help each other. support each other in the process of implementing ideas at the contest, or even accompany each other in the long-term future. In this energetic environment, just keep an open mind, advice is always available when you need it.

4. Be brave enough to accept failure and not give up

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Prepare mentally to conquer the Solve for Tomorrow playground

On every creative journey, obstacles can always appear at any time. In particular, for a journey of up to 7 months like Solve for Tomorrow, the contestants will surely have to face many times when the project does not follow the planned schedule, delays the progress or the model. I am not working as expected. What you need to do now is to prepare yourself with a steady mind, a bravery enough to accept failure and practice the will not to give up to overcome challenges together. “I believe that creative ideas will be more valuable if the team knows how to use obstacles as a challenge to complete the project, instead of giving up halfway,” said Thanh Hoa, a contestant.

In fact, there will be no general rules or predetermined path for young people to conquer the Solve for Tomorrow playground. However, as long as the contestants are really determined to pursue their passion, no barrier can stop the talents of “Confirming youth – Creating the future” on the journey ahead.

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