Revealing Xiaomi’s clamshell folding smartphone: New design, promising to ‘overwhelm’ Galaxy Z Filip3

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2021-12-30 09:53:04

Xiaomi already has the Mix Fold line in its product portfolio as a test of the folding screen smartphone market. However, the Mi Mix Fold doesn’t seem to be good enough to compete with the Galaxy Z Flip2 and now the Z Flip3.

Perhaps that’s why now Xiaomi is planning to add another foldable device with a clamshell design like the Glaxy Z Flip3 and has a horizontal secondary display on the back. These are the latest information revealed from a leaked Xiaomi patent.

The new foldable phone will also have a pill-shaped punch-hole inside for the dual front-facing cameras. Below is a SIM slot, USB-C and an external speaker cluster. Meanwhile, the power key and volume rocker are on the right hand side.

It is not surprising that Xiaomi is also involved in the folding screen smartphone segment. This nascent segment is now dominated by Samsung and other manufacturers just starting to follow.

Recently, OPPO also jumped into the folding smartphone segment with the Flagship Find N that folds vertically like the Z Fold 3 while Huawei contributed the P50 Pocket with a horizontal folding hinge like the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Xiaomi’s move is considered late. but Apple is not currently in this segment so it has a lot of potential.

Currently, it is not clear what Xiaomi’s folding screen smartphone will be and how it will be configured. The leaked images only show that it has a somewhat more attractive appearance compared to the rival Galaxy Z Flip3. Surely Xiaomi will not launch this smartphone at the new product launch tonight.


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