Review Nokia N73 – a legend now costs only 500 thousand

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2022-01-03 10:09:07

In the coming year of 2022, the technology world is welcoming a series of super products from high-end to low-cost. All of them have large touch screens, high-resolution front and rear cameras and can meet a wide range of user needs from work to entertainment. However, about 16 years ago, the Nokia N73 also started to get those features.

Let’s take a look at the Nokia N73 bought 15 years ago to see how it can be used today.

This Nokia N73 has been in a drawer for a very long time. Even so, after opening and plugging in the charger, it still powers on. Nokia really makes devices horribly durable.

After powering up, all functions of the machine are still normal, even the most easily damaged control key works smoothly and smoothly. However, looking at the QVGA screen of the Nokia N73 is really annoying, especially when we are used to HD +, 2K or 4K resolution screens with LCD or OLED technology.

In addition, the front camera of Nokia N73 is still working fine. Back in 2006, the Nokia N73 was really hot when it was one of the few devices that used a front camera.

The Nokia N73 uses a standard 12-square grid design that is easy to use. At the time, the N73 could also load a lot of games in the SISX format, the picture quality skyrocketed with the GBA gaming handhelds of the year and of course couldn’t compare to the Sony PSP behind.

After 16 years, the Nokia N73’s well-functioning may be interesting, but the Nokia N73’s outdated technology can only be used for collection or as a secondary device. Currently, users can buy Nokia N73 as second-hand goods for only 500 thousand VND.


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