Review of Mi Band 7: Adding a ‘heart-stopping’ feature to users, incredibly cheap threatens Apple Watch

Review of Mi Band 7: Adding a ‘heart-stopping’ feature to users, incredibly cheap threatens Apple Watch

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2022-06-06 09:58:39

Since the release of the first Mi Band, the entire smart wearable market has been flooded with similar low-cost products for many years. However, Xiaomi’s Mi Band series is still the best priced products with superior product quality compared to the price range. Recently, Xiaomi has continued to launch the 7th generation Mi Band.

Mi Band 7 is not only upgraded with a slightly larger screen, but also supports richer sports tracking and other new features. With the selling price of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will be from 239 yuan (about 831,000 VND), nIt can really become the cheap ‘king of sports watches’.

For those who are looking for a smart wearable for their workouts, the Mi band 7 is sure to make it onto their list of favorites.

Similar to previous generations, Mi Band 7 has nothing special in the box. It seems Xiaomi doesn’t want to spend too much on packaging and design. But it really makes sense if you realize that the design of the whole series hasn’t changed much compared to the first generation Mi Band.

The review version on hand is the NFC version of the Mi Band 7, which supports copying access cards or NFC Payments, which are only available for the Chinese market.

In addition to those upgraded features, it inherits almost all the features of the Xiaomi Band 6. For example, it supports various sports tracking, sleep monitoring and swimming modes with resistance. 5ATM waterproof.

Mi Band 7 also allows monitoring of important body data, including heart rate, blood oxygen and stress index. In heart rate monitoring, users can set monitoring frequency and set alerts to detect abnormal heart rhythms. And not only does it track heart rate all day, it can also track stress throughout the day.

As for sleep tracking, it supports tracking both night sleep and daytime nap tracking, in which you can view deep and light sleep data as well as rapid eye movement profiles. In addition to basic sleep data, it also has sleep breathing quality monitoring, which can help determine if sleep apnea is present.

The first upgrade is a larger AMOLED display. The pill-shaped front is the classic design of the Mi Band series. On the Mi Band 6, it has reached a pixel density of 326PPI, while on the new model the screen size has been enlarged from 1.56 to 1.62 inches with the same pixel density. But aside from being a bit wider, there’s been no real change to its compact size. And the weight of 13.5g is still very light.

Along with the larger screen, its brightness and smoothness have also been improved. Mi Band 7 is upgraded with a new, more powerful Dialog chipset and can achieve GPU rendering. And it has brought smoother animation and better visual experience.

Meanwhile, in terms of software, Xiaomi has also made adjustments to the User interface, allowing more content to be displayed. During the experience, we feel that the arrangement of information is also more reasonable.

With this AMOLED display, the always-on display is finally coming to the Mi band series. But thankfully, the addition of the new feature doesn’t affect its battery life. Mi Band 7 with larger battery can even last more than 4 days under heavy usage.

The attached strap is made of TPU material and is antibacterial. And there is a newly added perspiration slit inside the strap. It seems helpful to get rid of sweat or water quickly.

Another great upgrade is its new navigation capabilities. Mi band 7 adds an independent navigation chip to support GPS, since its predecessors needed to rely on the phone to perform the navigation function. Now you can use it separately without activating the phone’s GPS.

In general, with this new upgrade, users can now leave their phones at home and practice sports without being entangled. This feature brings Mi Band 7 up to be able to compete with Apple Watch at least in terms of features that are equivalent.

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