Review of PRO Robo PowerLap 100W Transparent charger: too ‘unique’

Review of PRO Robo PowerLap 100W Transparent charger: too ‘unique’

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2022-11-14 20:22:24

A power bank with a capacity of up to 100W is enough to charge a laptop? The charging body is completely transparent so you can see all the components inside? The 20,000mAh battery capacity is enough for you to use it comfortably for 3-4 days in a row? All are equipped with the unique Pro Robo PowerLap 100W Transparent power bank from the manufacturer Pisen!

It can be said that this is one of the power banks that converges with the highest technology that I have ever held in my hand. Not only in terms of charging capacity, connectivity, and energy storage capacity, but even its design impresses those who see it.

The purpose of buying a power bank from the beginning is just because of the need to quickly charge the phone’s battery, with the requirement for a device with a capacity of about 20,000mAh with fast charging and a variety of ports. . As soon as I saw Pro Robo PowerLap on its website, I was immediately convinced and decided to spend a little more to own this very unique power bank.

When taking the charger out of the box from the manufacturer, it is still wrapped in a translucent seal, making me think… cheated. But when you peel off this seal, you can see firsthand the transparent charging case. I know I made the right choice. You can see every component of the charger inside the case very clearly, from the 4 batteries to the delicate boards or chips. This makes the charger stand out and very stylish compared to other products in the long-saturated phone accessories market.

Because it is equipped with a very high charging capacity, up to 100W, it is certain that this charger will not have a compact design. Fortunately, it weighs just over 500g, measuring 155 x 47 x 59.5mm, so it can still be held without causing much difficulty.

Regarding the charging capacity, there is no need to discuss, just using the two words “fast” and “strong” is enough to understand. The charger’s 02 Type-C and USB-A in/out ports can output currents with diverse capacities, from as low as 5V-3A to 20V-3.25A. According to the advertisement from Pisen, this is a charger integrated with its exclusive smart IC, ensuring safety while still being able to provide a high-capacity charging current and compatible with many different devices from laptops to laptops. to tablet or phone.

You can charge 2 devices at the same time and still give fast charging. As of this writing, I am still using the charger to charge my laptop and phone at the same time without affecting the performance of both devices. More specifically, this charger can be brought on board even though its capacity is quite large. Earlier this week, I went on a business trip to some western provinces, brought the charger through many different airports such as Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Can Tho, Rach Gia all without being questioned.

If you are a fan of speed and performance, then try to spend a little more money to own a product that integrates the most modern technologies from Pisen: large capacity, fast charging, High capacity, unique design.


PISEN Vietnam would like to note customers:

“Currently, counterfeit goods and imitations of the PISEN brand appear to be rampant, which are exquisitely processed and indistinguishable to the naked eye, affecting the reputation and safety of consumers. Facing this situation, Pisen has upgraded the genuine product identification system to protect consumers who trust and choose to use Pisen products. Pisen Vietnam has launched a campaign for the purpose of consumer protection “Scan the QR Code to identify genuine goods – activate the PISEN Care Plus service package, increase the free warranty period “Innovation” up to 24 month with Accessories and 420 days with Battery for phone, ipad, Macbook”.

Instructions to use the anti-counterfeiting system by QR Code and activate Pisen’s 24-month warranty package

Instructions for preliminary anti-counterfeiting by Barcode ID

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