Review on hand OnePlus 10R ‘performance king’ with the same price as three new Nokia G21s

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2022-05-14 14:23:31

The OnePlus 10R is the latest in OnePlus’ mid-range R series. Known as the OnePlus Ace in China, the 10R is essentially the Realme GT Neo 3 but with minor changes.

The OnePlus 10R is based on the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chip. It has a large 120Hz display and a triple camera system on the back. This performance-oriented model will also launch in two variants, one with a 5000mAh battery and 80W charger and another with a 4500mAh battery and a 150W charger.

OnePlus 10R is currently only available in India. With a quite competitive price of about 509 USD (about 11.7 million VND). The OnePlus 10R starts at a slightly lower price point than its predecessor, the OnePlus 9RT.

The OnePlus 10R comes with a pretty standard OnePlus packaging. You get the phone with a silicone case and a USB-C charging cable. Depending on the version you choose, you’ll get an 80W or 160W SuperVOOC fast charger.

OnePlus 10R has a boxy, square design. The faces are flat on all sides and the front and back meet at right angles, creating a cross section resembling a plate.

The back of the phone has a large camera with three lenses. The camera module continues a stripe running along the body creating an interesting highlight on the back.

The sides of the OnePlus 10R have the power button on the right and the volume button on the left. The buttons are also quite flat to the surface and not quite as easy to use.

The OnePlus 10R is the first mainstream OnePlus phone since the OnePlus 2 to not feature the company’s signature three-position alert slider, making it all the more obvious that this phone didn’t start life as a OnePlus product.

The back and sides of the phone are made of plastic, although the fit and finish are pretty decent. On the front is Corning Gorilla Glass 5 with flat edges and a punch hole for the camera in the top center.

OnePlus 10R comes in two colors, Forest Green and Sierra Black. Both colors are available for the standard model with 80W charger, but the Endurance version with 160W charger is only available in black.

Feeling of holding OnePlus 10R Relatively light but feels quite large and firm in the hand. Flat edges, while pleasing to the eye, are less comfortable than curved edges and make the phone appear larger. However, the advantage of the flat edge is that lifting the device from the table is quite easy.

The physical build quality of the machine is quite good not too expensive nor too cheap, the phone feels quite nice despite being made mainly of plastic. However, there are no dust and water protection ratings, although users still get the basics like the rubber gasket around the SIM tray.

OnePlus 10R has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, 2412×1080 resolution. The masonry has a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate and 10-bit color. The touchscreen naturally probes at 360Hz, but that number can be increased to 720Hz in software when gaming.

The display on the OnePlus 10R is actually quite good and offers a lot of software customization, which means that, given enough care and attention, they can be rectified if there are any display issues.

OnePlus 10R comes in two versions in India. The standard version has a 5000mAh battery with an 80W SuperVOOC charger. The Endurance version is equipped with a 4500mAh battery and a 160W SuperVOOC charger.

Testing shows that 4500mAh is a good point for the performance and safety features that OnePlus has implemented. In the test OnePlus 10R it took almost 4 minutes to get to 30% from 1%. Moreover, it takes 20 minutes to fully charge.

The OnePlus 10R has a triple camera system on the back and a single camera on the front. The rear camera system includes 50MP wide Sony IMX766 quad-Bayer, 8MP ultra-wide Sony IMX355 and 2MP macro GalaxyCore GC02M1. On the front is a 16MP quad-Bayer Samsung S5K3P9SP.

Images from the main camera have decent resolution and detail. Unfortunately, white balance was consistently off on our review unit, producing images that were too warm. Dynamic range is also quite weak, as the camera tends to cast shadows in low light.

The OnePlus 10R is a powerful smartphone for the most part. It has an attractive design, great screen, good performance, and a great fast charging solution. Meanwhile, the camera is only moderate and does not make a good impression.

(via: gsmarena)

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