Review phone Samsung Galaxy A02s

Review phone Samsung Galaxy A02s


2021-04-09 07:10:58

The Samsung Galaxy A02s also has a pretty name – like an anime bot. In addition, this is also a very interesting low-end smartphone today.

Design Galaxy A02s

The Galaxy A02s looks like a polycrystalline structure with several boundary layers marked as contours. Overall, the design is sleek even for the standards of a low-end smartphone.

The outer case of the Galaxy A02s

Galaxy A02s camera cluster

The camera cluster of the Galaxy A02s looks like a worse version of the Galaxy S20 series. Although there are 3 cameras in total, only 2 of them have photo-taking function.

The camera cluster on the Galaxy A02s
The camera cluster on the Galaxy A02s

Galaxy A02s screen

Again, nothing really stands out and is worth mentioning here. This is a 3.5 inch PLS LCD screen, which is a Samsung version IPS panel. Samsung also uses the same screen type as the Galaxy A12 because they have the same size, the same resolution and the same blurring speed when swiping back and forth.

Galaxy A02s screen
Galaxy A02s screen

The brightness of the device is quite stable but perhaps can not be used too well outdoors, because of the screen shadow. The colors on the device are okay, but there are more blue colors than the Galaxy A12.

Galaxy A02s battery life

Just one word – great. The Galaxy A02s has a battery life of up to 16 hours 22 minutes from the test with a 5000mAh battery. This is extremely impressive.

Battery life in the test
Battery life in the test

However, charging time takes up to 3 hours to charge from 15% to 100%, which is quite slow charging speed.

Configure Galaxy A02s

The configuration of this handset is also quite simple. We have:

  • Snapdragon 450 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB capacity

Overall, this is the basic configuration but the performance is quite good. There is a slight lag on the screen when you start to press any button, but in general everything is within acceptable range.

Galaxy A02s software

Galaxy A02s uses One UI Core version 2.5 on Android 10 platform, which means it looks like One UI but will not have One UI features like Edge Panel or Samsung Pay.

In addition, the Galaxy A02s does not have fingerprint security but does have facial recognition.


Based on the above preliminary assessment of Samsung Galaxy A02s, you also realize that on the market there are many other phones with good configuration and performance compared to this machine. The One UI user experience and software are the only things we can interact with when we turn on the phone, so whether to buy it or not depends on your priority for the quality of your phone.


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