Roll’s hack was badly hit, many copper was dumped drastically by more than 90%.

Roll’s hack was badly hit, many copper was dumped drastically by more than 90%.


2021-03-23 12:47:35

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Roll, a platform for social tokens operating on the Ethereum network, was given access to a hot wallet by hackers, resulting in a loss of at least $ 5.7 million.

First, at around 8 a.m. UTC on March 14, digital asset management platform MyCrypto announced that a hacker might have hacked and unauthorized access to the Roll’s hot wallet.

According to MyCrypto, it’s possible that hackers exploited vulnerabilities in Roll’s hot wallet and obtained the private key from there.

And about 12 hours later, Roll responded and confirmed the attack:

“We were attacked by hackers. They steal and liquidate a large amount of cryptocurrency in their wallets “

According to a source from Cointelegraph:

“The most significant of which is 3,000 ETH was withdrawn and liquidated by hackers. Hackers also stole 11 other tokens, including WHALE, RARE, and PICA. The stolen money is then transferred to Tornado Cash, a privacy tool commonly used by hackers to launder stolen money. After that, the hacker traded the stolen tokens on the exchange Uniswap

“Hackers started dumping within hours of the attack, which was very impactful. In which PICA, WHALE and FWB fell sharply by 99.6%, 99.3% and 92.35% respectively ”

FWB price chart
FWB price chart

The market cap of the social tokens on Roll has dropped from $ 1.5 billion on March 12 to $ 365 million at press time.

Many on twitter got angry about Roll’s slow response to the hack:

“They keep $ 10 million in crypto in hot wallets without multisig ???”

“It took them 12 hours to notify users.”

Roll added that they have launched a $ 500,000 fund to “help the creators and their communities” affected by the incident.

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