Safety and security with Peer . social network

Safety and security with Peer . social network


2022-12-23 23:35:57

That has helped Peer get closer to users. In particular, this social networking site always ensures information security. No 3rd party will know the user’s information. Because in Peer, users have up to 3 roles to take on. They are both users and owners and developers of Peer. Therefore, all issues of controlling data information and ensuring safety and security, users can grasp and understand.

Who is Peer?

Peer is the rare technology company with a clear operating law. Comply with all SEC regulations on Blockchain that not every technology company can do. Especially to be recognized as a legitimate technology company, Peer must meet all the necessary criteria. In particular, the confidentiality of user information is an issue that needs to be closely and thoroughly controlled. This Peer has done and now this problem is very well controlled, giving users confidence when the Web3 experience is multi-dimensional and attractive.

Along with that is the launch of the Mainnet Blockchain’s PMC code, which is set up under the POS mechanism and promises to be upgraded to POA in the future. To bring a new Blockchain platform with more advanced features. To create a completely new social network world that can apply the virtual world to develop the real world. Thereby helping people become connected with each other and live more closely related to reality. Instead of being immersed in the virtual world and withdrawing like when using the traditional web. This is a positive point that will lead Peer to develop further in the coming time.

Ensure user account authenticity

When using Peer social network, users will not have to worry about impersonation problems, fake nicks. Because Peer always leaves the mode to confirm the user’s identity and there will be no case of using a fake nick to log in to Peer. Therefore, impersonating another person to use an account on Peer is completely impossible. This is also one of the reasons why users when using Peer social networks will feel secure and better protected.

Besides, the data source provided by Peer social network is always evaluated as multidimensional and rich. Thereby helping users to find information more accurately and quickly. Instead of having to search for information in a single hour, as in Web2, users can soon find the information they are looking for thanks to the web applications that Peer creates without having to share DFI data. to any third party.

Improve information security

Peer always ensures confidentiality. When all user information provided and used is encrypted. There will be no cases of users losing their accounts or having their messages read. Because all features such as posting, messaging, calling or liking, stories on Peer, users can control themselves. Peer always puts the interests of users first, so the problem of information disclosure will absolutely not happen in the Web 3 and Metaverse platforms deployed by Peer.

Convenient to use when needed

Users can use Peer social network in any country without a server. Therefore, using Peer social network becomes more convenient and easier than other social networking sites. They will own their account and use any application linked by Peer without being dependent or controlled by anyone.

With the above preeminent features, Peer promises to be a great social networking site for users to experience and connect without worrying about information security issues.

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