Samsung introduces the first ZNS SSD with dual ports, 4 times longer life

Samsung introduces the first ZNS SSD with dual ports, 4 times longer life

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2021-06-04 07:00:51

Samsung has once again made itself the focus of attention when it officially launched the 2.5-inch PM1731a. This is Samsung’s first SSD model equipped with Zoned Namespace (ZNS) technology with many outstanding advantages, promising to make a big impact and change on the global hard drive market at the moment. next time.

First and foremost, SSDs with ZNS technology can last significantly longer than conventional SSDs, especially when used in performance-demanding environments like the cloud. , data centers, as well as storage servers. ZNS will allow data to be dynamically grouped, depending on the frequency of access and actual usage. At the same time, data will be stored in independent spaces in the SSD, thereby providing quick access and a higher level of security.

A big advantage of ZNS SSDs lies in their ability to reduce the number of write operations, which can help reduce the drive’s write gain factor (WAF). Low WAF means the hard drive will run more efficiently and last longer. Thanks to ZNS technology, Samsung’s new PM1731a SSD is capable of achieving a WAF close to 1, which is significantly lower than the typical WAF of 3 or 4 of non-ZNS solutions. Samsung claims this feature will increase the endurance of the ZNS SSD by up to 4 times compared to a regular NVMe SSD.

Talking about the launch of the first ZNS SSD model, Mr. Sangyeun Cho, vice president of Samsung Memory Software Development Team, shared:

“The launch of the new ZNS SSD model reflects our commitment to introducing differentiated storage solutions that can dramatically enhance the reliability and longevity of enterprise-class SSDs. We have a plan in place. plans to leverage quaternary cell (QLC) NAND technology on next-generation ZNS SSDs to deliver a higher performance threshold, operating more efficiently in future professional storage systems.”

PM1731a is developed on Samsung’s 6th generation V-NAND technology, and will be marketed in 4TB and 2TB versions. The hard drive is equipped with dual ports to ensure continuous operation, with the least possible downtime. Although the exact price and launch date have yet to be announced, Samsung says the company plans to mass produce the ZNS SSD in the second half of 2021.


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