Samsung is hard to beat Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market at the moment

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2021-10-28 07:21:45

Although Samsung maintained its leading position in the global smartphone market in Q3/2021, the situation in some regions does not appear to be the same. In India, Xiaomi led the market in Q2/2021 and this trend will continue in Q3/2021.

According to experts from Canalys, the number of smartphones sold in the country has decreased by 5% compared to last year, while sales are still higher than in Q2. Analysts expect that smartphone sales in India will increase sharply in Q4/2021 when the holiday season approaches.

According to the latest figures, Xiaomi, along with its sub-brands POCO and Redmi, is continuing to dominate the Indian market with a market share of up to 24%, of which more than 11.2 million units have been sold. Samsung ranked second with a market share of 19% (9.1 million smartphones sold). Vivo and Realme accounted for 17% and 16% market share, respectively.

The gap between Samsung and the rest is relatively small. So Samsung has reason to worry about competition. The company could completely lose its position at any time in the next quarter. Although Samsung has somewhat closed the sales gap with its main rival, Xiaomi, it still has a lot of work to do to regain the lost throne.

It is noteworthy that in some areas, Samsung is also inferior to Xiaomi. At the end of Q2/2021, the positions of the companies remained in the Russian market. Now, the situation is made worse by the ban on the sale of more than 50 Samsung models in Russia related to the Samsung Pay patent dispute, although the court’s decision has not yet taken effect.

Canalys analyst Sanyam Chaurasia said: “The large-scale vaccine deployment plan has partly helped the Indian economy recover“Since the end of June, market demand in India has started to skyrocket and is expected to continue to increase during the upcoming festive season. Smartphone vendors have seized the opportunity to push older shipments. market before the holiday, but limited supply for low-cost smartphone models has resulted in limited market sales.

Smartphone brands have been forced to use promotions to increase the appeal of high-end smartphone lines. These challenges will persist into Q4/2021 and logistics and components costs will become more and more expensive. A shortage of stock will lead to longer delivery times and higher retail prices. But smartphone brands are working to minimize the impact on customers in India. They will prioritize online channels to contribute to stabilizing product prices.

It is difficult for Samsung to beat Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market at the moment - Photo 2.

Xiaomi led the Indian smartphone market in both sales and market share in Q3/2021. Photos Canalys

Analyst Jash Shah from research firm Canalys said: “The battle for market share is getting tougher in India. Smartphone vendors are employing a range of strategies, from expanding product mix to increasing channel coverage to increase sales and value.

For example, Xiaomi uses the Mi 11 series to increase its market share in the high-end segment, although the overall market share has decreased slightly.

Apple, Xiaomi’s main competitor in the high-end segment, used promotions to create an incentive to sell iPhone 12 before the iPhone 13 launch in September.

On the other hand, Realme is implementing a different strategy, which is to focus on affordable 5G smartphones. An estimated 70% of Realme’s sales are through online sales.

The competition between brands will certainly still be fierce in the coming time and true to the saying “good horse is known in the long run”. It is not yet known what tactics the companies will have to overcome their rivals and dominate the Indian smartphone market in the future.

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