Samsung launches Sign Language service to support deaf customers

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2022-01-08 16:46:37

Regardless of physical defects, physiological abilities also affect people’s daily lives. Hearing loss (deaf, hearing impaired) is one of them, becoming a barrier in communicating, expressing anyone’s feelings and personal needs to those around them.

According to the General Department of Population and Housing Statistics, Vietnam currently has 2.5 million people with hearing loss, on the contrary, the number of professional sign language interpreters is very small, unable to support this community.

Understanding the difficulties of the hearing-impaired community, last November Samsung Vietnam went into testing the Sign Language Service or Hear With Heart. When there is a need to contact customer support, deaf people have the option of talking to a special operator who is fluent in sign language.

Specifically, users need to visit the Support page on Samsung’s website and click on the “Sign language” button in the Contact Information section. The consultants will directly discuss service and product issues in sign language for free, users only need a smart device (computer, smartphone, tablet… ) with built-in camera and internet connection.

Samsung introduces Sign Language service

In the past, when learning about technology products and services, deaf people would need the support of people around them, they sometimes felt guilty and afraid to express their views. With a new sign language support system, Samsung opens a new way to serve the deaf community, helping them to enjoy the best services that the Korean electronics company has to offer.

In the short time of operation, there have been many positive responses to the Sign Language system from Samsung. The experiencers claim that they cannot hear, but can feel the enthusiasm of the interpreters, feeling that they are “heard” the way they are.

Sign Language Customer Support Service Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays): 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 13:00 to 17:30 p.m.

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