Samsung participates in the production of Apple’s M2 chip

Samsung participates in the production of Apple’s M2 chip

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2022-04-29 07:22:19

( South Korean technology giant Samsung wants to participate in the production of Apple’s M2 chip.

Apple once shocked the world in 2020 with its M1 SoC chip

The company removed x86 processors from Intel in favor of the ARM platform. With the Apple M1, the company started focusing on ARM-based computers and even changed the operating system to support it. ARM-based processors are capable of handling iOS apps due to the similar architecture.

Apple has been successful with this choice when many versions of the M1 have been released since November 2020 including the Apple M1 Max, M1 Pro and M1 Ultra. Now, the company is starting to focus on the upcoming Apple M2 series. The company is currently using the M1 architecture in MacBooks, Macs, and iPads. Therefore, the demand for chips today is very large. Therefore, the participation of companies in the production process can be very profitable.

Samsung wants to play a role in the M2 chip manufacturing process

According to the report, Samsung wants to participate in the production of Apple M2. In fact, the company is producing FC-BGA substrates that are so important for modern high-density chips with circuit connections. Now, it also wants to be a part of Apple M2 chip production.

Samsung branch Electro-Mechanics is trying to finalize a deal with Apple. The goal is to produce the same FC-BGA substrate for the upcoming Apple M2 chip. The above report is said to coincide with the news that Samsung invested about 1 billion USD in the construction of an FC-BGA production facility.

The company is building a new facility in Vietnam, a key country for Samsung’s weapons production. Furthermore, the company is also investing about $241 million in a facility in its native South Korea.

There is no exact information on the date when the brand will launch the Apple M2, it is likely that the roadmap will be similar to the way Apple applies with the M1 chip of 2020. In which, the company may reveal the Apple M2 at the same time. introduced the new MacBook and MacBook Pro lines in late 2022. After that, the company will likely introduce new variants such as the Apple M2 Pro, Apple M2 Max, and Apple M2 Ultra. Upgrades will be incremental for more performance and coming to the Mac and MacBook lineup in 2023.

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