Samsung released a video introducing many hidden meanings about Galaxy Z Fold 3

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2021-07-28 13:34:19

(CHK) Today, Samsung has released a new video introducing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 launch event with many meanings.

Samsung seems to be working to boost the potential of its next-generation foldable phones known as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3. In the Unpacked event teaser video released today. , Samsung seems to want to convey the message of the omnipresence of the foldable device.

The video begins with a dark universe, after which the user can see a glimpse of devices such as the world’s first mobile phone, Blackberry phone with QWERTY keyboard…etc.

Right after that, a slogan appeared (Is ‘good’ good enough? – Is good enough?) and in the other video what looks like a Galaxy Z Fold 3 opens with an image of a city glowing in the dawn light.

According to this content, it seems that Samsung wants to reveal to users that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be a very ‘good’ device with a lot of features that legendary phones in history have. can bring to open up a bright world for users.

What we currently know about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 currently still comes mainly from rumors. Galaxy Z Fold 3 will probably use Snapdragon 888 SoC chip and 12GB – 16GB of RAM, support S Pen. The camera system of the device will include three rear cameras, a punch-hole front camera in phone mode or a 16MP camera under the screen.

The device will have a 4,380mAh battery charger split between two halves with three colors: black, green and white. Other Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaks suggest a more durable design that will be resistant to both water and dust.

Samsung is said to expect the compact (and cheaper) Galaxy Z Flip 3 to become the most popular foldable phone model, with a target of 4 million units. The more expensive Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected to reach 3 million units.


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