Samsung watch out!

Samsung watch out!


2023-05-25 17:45:46

It is likely that Sony will launch a folding screen smartphone in the near future.

Sony – One of the very ‘conservative’ mobile manufacturers in design changes, now also has to race with market trends.

According to some recent sources in Japan, Sony is expected to launch a folding screen smartphone with a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. However, the device will not have an external display.

In addition, the folding screen Sony smartphone will be called Xperia Fold, instead of ‘catching the trend’ like some other folding screen mobile manufacturers about a fashionable mobile device, the folding screen model Sony’s will focus on the advantage of a large screen to optimize gaming for users. This is not too difficult to understand, because Sony is also one of the leading manufacturers in the world with a lot of experience in developing gaming devices.

It is still clear Sony’s design direction in developing folding screen smartphones, but it is likely that the company will still keep its “guidance” in bringing a folding phone with a neat and simple design. while still bringing efficiency to the user. The removal of the external screen design is also a rather bold direction, different from many folding screen models on the market.

Let’s wait and see, how big Sony will bring a new breeze to the folding screen market!

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