Scientists warn that men’s ‘precious’ is getting smaller, the culprit is chemicals from plastic

Scientists warn that men’s ‘precious’ is getting smaller, the culprit is chemicals from plastic


2021-03-25 14:18:06

In her new book, “Countdown”, just released, Dr. Shanna Swan – a well-known expert in the field of environmental medicine and public health, confirmed that humanity is facing “the war. Existence crisis “on fertility due to environmental pollution.

Accordingly, chemicals and serious pollution are reducing the testicle volume, along with the penis size and sperm quality of men. One of the biggest culprits is phthalates, chemicals thought to affect fertility and even reduce libido. Although this chemical is primarily used by a number of industries to make plastics, phthalates can be found in everything from cosmetic make-up and toys to food and medicine.

“The chemicals in the modern environment and unhealthy lifestyles in the modern world are disrupting our hormonal balance, causing damage to the human reproductive system,” she wrote. in the book.

Phthalates appear rampant in the living environment causing serious effects on the human reproductive system.

According to research by scientists, when going inside the body, phathalates “mimic” the hormone estrogen and thus disrupt the natural hormone production in the human body.

Exposure to phathalates is especially harmful during pregnancy, which will affect the baby in the future. Specifically, when a pregnant mother is exposed to harmful chemicals in the air, drinking water, food and topical products, chemicals such as phathalates can enter the body as well as the fetus. Pediatric, affects the fertility development of the child. This effect is especially serious in the early stages of pregnancy, especially for male infants.

Accordingly, Dr. Swan found that male infants exposed to phthalate in the womb had a shorter anal-genital distance (distance from the anus to the base of the penis – AGD). AGD has been linked to male fertility and penis size. As a result, an increasing number of male babies are born with small penises, warns experts in environmental medicine and public health.

A study published in 2017 found sperm count among men in Western countries has decreased by more than 50% over the past four decades. These figures came after scientists performed 185 related studies on 45,000 healthy men. With such a rapid rate of sperm decline, most men will face infertility by 2045.

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