See the youthful beauty of AVITA laptop, “brother of a house” with the cult VAIO laptop

See the youthful beauty of AVITA laptop, “brother of a house” with the cult VAIO laptop


2021-03-31 03:00:37

Although still unfamiliar to Vietnamese users, AVITA is already a long-standing laptop brand in the US, and at the same time belongs to the same company that owns the previous cult VAIO brand. It not only meets the rigorous American standards for quality and durability, but is also awarded the Intel Titan Partner Award – a top prize among Intel’s partners, the world’s leading manufacturer of good microprocessors. . With what is achieved, AVITA laptop will surely bring you exciting and unexpected experiences in the price range.

AVITA laptop, ‘one brother’ with VAIO laptop officially on the shelves of FPT Shop with the privilege of a 2-year warranty and a set of gifts worth 2 million VND.

Realizing the great potential of the product, on March 22, 2021, FPT Shop pioneered the shelves of genuine AVITA Liber V laptops at more than 630 stores nationwide at an attractive price: 15,990,000 VND for LIBER. V14C-UG and VND 16,990,000 for LIBER V14A-SG. In particular, FPT Shop is a pioneer in giving exclusive 2-year warranty genuine incentives to Vietnamese customers and strongly giving gift sets of up to 2,000,000 VND to welcome ‘new member’ to join the system. In particular, the gift set worth 2,000,000 VND includes: immediate discount of 1,000,000 VND, the new price is only from 14,990,000 VND, T-139 fashion headband, Microsoft 1850 mouse and fashion AVITA laptop backpack. . The program is dedicated to customers who choose to buy products from March 22 to 31 and pay in the form of direct payment.

In addition, FPT Shop always has a program with 0% interest installment installments, no need to pay in advance to help customers quickly own their favorite laptop. The installment payment procedure is very simple, only need 2 documents including ID card and driver’s license (or household registration book) and 15 minutes of approval so you can bring a brand new laptop home. You even support online installment procedures and do not need to go to the store.

To choose to buy products, you can go directly to the store or buy online on the website, FPT Shop will deliver and install free of charge at home no matter where you are.

AVITA, a “beautiful unlimited” laptop from the US

See the youthful beauty of AVITA laptop,

AVITA Laptop has a powerful configuration: LIBER V14A-SG uses Intel Core i5-10210U chip, Intel UHD Graphics 620 and LIBER V14C-UG graphics cards using AMD Ryzen 7-3700U chips and AMD Radeon RX Graphics Vega graphics cards. 10. Both machines are equipped with 512GB SSD hard drive, 8GB RAM and Win 10, bringing fast and smooth speed in all operations.

See the youthful beauty of AVITA laptop,

The device is very thin and light, only 15.9mm thick and weighs about 1.28kg, equivalent to a book, easy to put in your pocket and go with you anywhere, very suitable for those who are constantly on the move like a student. , students, office workers or business people.

See the youthful beauty of AVITA laptop,

Battery life of up to 10 hours is also an expensive advantage, allowing you to comfortably use and not worry too much about recharging on the go.

See the youthful beauty of AVITA laptop,

The geometric cutouts on the machine are very delicate and sharp, helping to better complete the design. Webcam is also carefully calculated when placed outside the screen, both optimizing the usable area and creating a unique feature for the product. The ultra-thin screen bezel is only 3.7mm, helping to optimize the size, allowing the screen to take up 78.2% of the overall area and providing an impressive viewing experience. The keyboard of the device is backlit with 1.5mm of optimal key travel, 19mm high key pitch to help you type fast, responsive and comfortable. Meanwhile, the TouchPad touchpad is extremely large, supports 4-finger gestures for fast and convenient operation like using a plug-in mouse.

Why buy computers at FPT Shop – the leading technology retailer in Vietnam?

Firstly, to diversify products for customers to choose from. FPT Shop is a major partner of computer brands sold on the market of Apple (Macbook), Microsoft (Surface), Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, MSI, AVITA with prices from 6 million to 60 million, suitable for many specific needs: Study-Office, Graphics – Technology, Gaming, Slim-light – High-end.

Second, the innovation policy is different. If in the first 30 days the product has a manufacturer’s error, the customer will be exchanged for a 100% new device (fullbox). As for the super product Microsoft Surface Pro 7, FPT Shop exclusively applies the return policy in 12 months.

Third, professional consultation and support. FPT Shop system currently has more than 630 stores across 63 provinces, including 47 laptop centers. All stores display laptops with free home delivery, quick remote technical support, and well-trained geeks.

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