Self-inflating jeans like an airbag to help protect motorcyclists in an accident, have a surprisingly high price

Self-inflating jeans like an airbag to help protect motorcyclists in an accident, have a surprisingly high price

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2023-02-20 16:25:43

Swedish brand Mo’cycle recently developed the world’s first special pair of jeans that protect motorcyclists, with a mechanism similar to that of a car’s airbag.

Accordingly, this pair of jeans can automatically inflate within a few seconds in the event a motorcyclist encounters an accident while moving, helping to protect the lower body from injuries.

To do this, Mo’cycle’s jeans have a built-in CO2 cartridge (which can be easily replaced when used up), which “deflates” to inflate the pants when the rider begins to fall off the bike. their motorbike.

“‘Jeans are as comfortable as any other and are made of water-repellent, breathable and wear-resistant fabric,” Mo’cycle states on its website.

Mo’cycle jeans can automatically inflate within seconds in the event of a motorcycle accident, helping to protect the lower body from injuries. Photo: Mo’cycle

Of course, like the airbag in a car, the protective jeans themselves must accurately determine when the driver is in an accident and ejected from the vehicle. Therefore, Mo’cycle’s solution is to connect the pants directly to the motorcycle via an elastic lanyard, which still allows the rider to move his body freely.

This also means that the motorcycle does not need to install or adjust any special equipment to attach the lanyard.

When the rider starts to bounce off the vehicle due to the impact, the laces will be pulled along and separated from the jeans. At this time, the airbag of the pants is activated, the CO2 in the air box will immediately be released, inflating the pants.

Thanks to a spring-loaded piston that penetrates the airbox, the release of CO2 to inflate the pants takes place at lightning speed, before the rider even touches the ground.

This fabric is extremely wear-resistant, but looks like regular denim. Before activation, the airbag is completely invisible but will deploy within milliseconds of being activated,Mo’cycle explains more on its website.

A question arises: Can these jeans be used only once, or can be reused?

According to Mo’cycle, after being inflated so that the driver does not get injured after the accident, the airbag will eventually deflate, and the jeans will return to their original size. Users only need to replace a new CO2 cartridge for the following use.

For users worried that the pants could be accidentally activated even without an accident, this is also unlikely. Accordingly, the airbag needs a minimum force of about 40kg to activate. This means, only a fall from a motorcycle can trigger it.

According to Mo’cycle, the brand’s new jeans will be available to order by the end of this month, with a relatively high price, about 499 USD (equivalent to 11.8 million VND).

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