Sentre (SNTR) launches version 2.0 with many attractive new features

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2022-01-07 22:57:34

After releasing Sentre version 1.0 and receiving many positive comments and feedback from users, combined with many new partnerships, Sentre worked day and night to launch Sentre version 2.0 to general public.

It’s almost a brand new release with an updated look and feel, added security, some more advanced features, and new concepts for users to explore.

From Sen OS to Sen Hub

From Sen OS (or Sentre Version 1.0 on, the project decided to fully upgrade and release Sen Hub (aka Sentre Version 2.0)

However, this step does not affect how Sen OS, or now Sen Hub, works. Sen Hub is still the operating system that allows developers to distribute DApps through the Sen Store.

New interface

Sen Hub towards high technology, custom 3D interface including Light / Dark:

  • If you want to experience smooth graphic motion, users should choose the Light interface.
New Light interface
  • If you want to reduce eye strain and save battery life, you can switch to the Dark interface.
New Dark theme

New set of A to Z instruction manuals

One of the missions when creating Sentre was to help simplify the DApp building process for developers. The project has been doing this by providing them with tools and resources, all of which will be free on the project’s Github.

With this launch, the project will provide a set of documents on how to build a DApp on SenHub from A to Z. If you are a developer with a unique idea about DeFi, please visit and start building DApp now!

New Sandbox

Sentre Mainnet 2.0 is very different from version 1.0. To further assist developers, Sentre has created a Sandbox specifically for DApp integration tests.

Just go to Sen Hub, log in and click on the three dashes icon in the top right corner of the screen:

New Sandbox

Go to the Settings tab. Users can choose between Mainnet, Testnet and Devnet, then submit the DApp manifest in the Sandbox section to test the integration performance. Once selected, refresh the page.

Go to the Settings tab and select Sandbox

New feature Sen Booster

In order to bring an attractive and less risky investment strategy to users, the project decided to release a new feature called Sen Booster through the Sen LP feature.

New feature Sen Booster

True to the name, Sen Booster helps users lock LPT to increase profits. The longer you hold LPT, the bigger the profit you get. Users can choose to lock their LPT from 7 to 90 days and enjoy up to 140% SNTR.

What makes Sen Booster more attractive than other investment options is that users have no fees and no slippage and receive exactly the amount promised.

The first Booster will be released on January 21st.

New cross-chain bridge

The cross-chain bridge is built on Wormhole, two features Sen Swap and Sen Assets will also be put into operation.

Cross-chain connection opened between Ethereum and Solana

The new cross-chain connection is expected to bring liquidity between the two blockchains. From there, users will be comfortable:

  • Move assets between blockchains easily
  • Discover the applications of both sides to increase the double profit
  • Benefit from everything both blockchains have to offer

This expansion will also be Sentre’s first step in removing the boundaries between blockchains and creating a truly open platform for everyone.

New Advanced Protection

Advanced protection on Sen Swap will help:

  • High price impact warning: when the price impact on the swap pair is too high, the swap button will be disabled and alert the user.
Warning when affected by high prices
  • Consult the market price you want to track: no need to go anywhere to check the market price. Sentre has built-in prices in the pool, market price charts with time ranging from 1 day to 1 year for reference.
Consult the market price you want to track

New filter cleans the platform

Cases of fraud and scams have now been reported to Sentre after the 1.0 release. To prevent unfriendly users and clean up the platform, the project has added more filters to pools and farms:

  • Pools can now be filtered into Sentre pool, Deposited pool, Community Pool and can even create your own with the name Your…
  • Farms can also be filtered into Sentre farm, Staked farm, Community farm or create your own farm under the name Your…

In the near future, the project will also introduce Sentre Tiers with many special benefits and rewards. All users need to do will be: provide liquidity, swap, farm, stake, boost…


Overall, through Sentre V2.0, the team has enhanced the decentralization and performance of the platform.

Users can start exploring Sentre 2.0 today (January 7, 2022) by visiting this link (to be updated). Detailed user manual for Sentre V2.0 will also be available on Sentre main page soon.

About Sentre Protocol

Sentre Protocol is an “open liquidity” protocol built on Solana ecosystem with the aim of improving liquidity efficiency and trying to minimize loss, helping to integrate selected DApps on Sen OS and effectively accumulate liquidity through SenSwap, thereby becoming a safe space for DApp developers as well as users.

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