Shattered many details, exploded the airbag and what will happen to the people inside?

Shattered many details, exploded the airbag and what will happen to the people inside?


2023-03-25 07:46:45

After VF e34, VF 8 is the second VinFast model to be assessed by ASEAN NCAP for safety. The crash-tested version is the most advanced VinFast VF 8 Plus.

ASEAN NCAP safety assessment VinFast VF 8

For the assessment, the ASEAN NCAP organization had to use several VF 8 Plus to test the crash angles.

The VF 8 in a frontal crash test

From the video, it can be seen that the frame of the VF 8 is quite solid from the connection between the engine compartment and the cabin. When stabbed horizontally, the occupants inside are not affected much from the impact of the shell. All 11 airbags have been deployed to protect the front occupants and children behind.

In the front seat protection category, VF 8 won 28.85 points. Most parts of the human body are well protected after the crash test. As for the ability to protect children when sitting in the rear dedicated seat, this model won 47 points. In the safety support section with basic and advanced safety systems, the score of VF 8 is 21.

In recent times, more and more models are equipped with advanced safety technology, such as the VF 8, so ASEAN NCAP also evaluates this category. The test shows that the automatic intervention system of the VF 8 works effectively. The safety score of the VF 8 with motorcyclists around is 12.

Some of the advanced safety features on the VF 8 are tested

To sum up, VinFast VF 8 Plus received the highest 5-star safety rating from ASEAN NCAP with an overall score of 89.5. Previously, VF e34 was only 78.99 points and safety score was only 4 stars.

In addition to VF 8, VinFast previously had two more models with 5-star ratings, Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​SA2.0, but now these two petrol models have been discontinued.

The fact that the VF 8 Plus has won the highest rating from ASEAN NCAP is not surprising when this model is also sold in the US, Canada and many European countries – where there are many strict safety regulations. VF e34 is only sold in Vietnam.

The VinFast VF 8 series crashed in all kinds of ways to see the safety: Broken many details, exploded the airbag and what would happen to the people inside?  - Photo 5.

VinFast VF 8 in the US

VinFast VF 8 is currently sold in 2 versions, Eco and Plus. Both versions have the same basic safety equipment.

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