Shopee users share stories about shippers during the epidemic season

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2021-08-17 19:33:07

The shipper in addition to delivering goods also has the task of bringing joy to “shoppers” during the holiday season. The brothers not only made the guests happy, but also made the parents of the guests feel warm when they saw them traveling every kilometer.

The shipper “rescued” the customer’s mother on the way to delivery

On the way to deliver the goods, the shipper happened to meet the customer’s mother because he ran out of gas, so he could not go to the meeting point to receive the goods. He helped her push the car home and delivered the goods to customers.

Since I had to stay at home to self-quarantine, I asked my mother to pick up the groceries for me. The shipper called his mother to the gas station right on the highway. In the middle of the road, my mother’s car ran out of gas, but my mother did not bring her phone. The shipper waited too long, so he called me again and asked me, I told my mother that it had been a long time, and he said that only the specific house he would come to deliver. I also showed him to go, but on the way, my mother and shipper met, so he helped bring my mother’s car home and delivered to my house. It’s really cute” shared by lyna_nguyen.

The shipper quickly “turns around” so that the customer is not scolded by his mother for… ordering too much

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When online shopping is a passion, the shipper becomes an “accomplice” to help customers satisfy the pleasure of receiving goods every day. But when buying too much, customers will be in big trouble with the parents. Therefore, everyone wants to buy themselves a shipper who knows how to “turn the car around” when needed, like Ly Suzy shared.

“Just this morning, I called to say that I had an order in the evening, I also delivered in the evening, but unfortunately I met your mother at the beginning of the alley, so I did not deliver anymore, but rescheduled for tomorrow. Oh my god, everyone’s mental health faints, you can only deliver it when you get home from work, but if you’re not at home, I’ll keep the application for you to call me back later. I’m a few years older than you, when it comes to comedy, sometimes outside of delivery, you guys often talk nonsense quite comfortably.”

Shipper delivered at noon and was given mineral water by an elderly customer

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Shipper does not care about midday sun or rain, delivery on time for the convenience of customers. “Many times when I come home from work to take a lunch break, I see a shipper delivering things to my mother, but my face is always sweaty. In the middle of the hot afternoon, she also delivered or even though the rain had just stopped, she took the time to deliver the order to her mother. “He’s afraid of your father. Every time the shipper delivers goods to his mother, he meets him and his son, but you understand that your father would not like to let your mother buy things online, I’m afraid people will cheat or the goods are not of good quality.” Mai Tet’s friend shares a story about her mother and her hard-working shipper.

My mother still had a few bottles of water in her hand, and I stood in the house and saw the delivery. The shipper also washed his hands and ordered at the gate and stepped back a few meters to keep a distance, my mother took the goods and put the water bottles back: “I sent you some cool drinks, thank you”.

The simplest way to not have to “wait” for goods to arrive: get married as a shipper

Many times when shopping, I just hope that he doesn’t see it or is not the delivery person, otherwise, one is a flowery life, the other is a deadlocked life (unfortunately, all he delivered alone, everyone). But when he knew, he paid it all off. If you scold and scold, but love your wife and pay for the goods, go ahead. Having a husband as a shipper is also convenient, not having to hold on to the phone to wait for delivery, not having to worry about cancellation and the happiest thing is to receive the goods super fast. Do you guys want a SHIPPER husband like me?“. Mai Anh’s friend shared about her super lovely shipper husband.

This afternoon he delivered the goods but still texted me to scold me. Very angry with you. That said, I love you guys. The epidemic came, but he still had to deliver goods, combo translation, so the delivery was also difficult. I pray that the epidemic will pass quickly so that the delivery person will not suffer, all activities will go into its orbit.”


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