Should buy Galaxy A03s in March 2023?

Should buy Galaxy A03s in March 2023?

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2023-03-10 11:11:40

After Samsung Galaxy A04 and A04s were introduced, the selling price of Galaxy A03s began to have a strong downward trend. If you are intending to own this smartphone, follow the article below.

How much does Samsung Galaxy A03s cost?

According to a quick survey, Galaxy A03s is currently priced at only VND 2,990,000 in January 2023. This is a very strong discount equivalent to about 1 million VND compared to when it was launched. However, compared to the junior Galaxy A04s, which is priced from 3,250,000 VND, the difference of only about 260 thousand VND is not too attractive. If you consider between Galaxy A03s and Galaxy A04s, it is clear that buying Galaxy A04s can bring more benefits.

Galaxy A03s is equivalent to Galaxy A04s in terms of hardware

The power of the Galaxy A03s comes from the 8-core MediaTek MT6765 chip combined with 4GB RAM and 128GB memory, which is relatively enough for the needs of social networking applications, watching movies, videos or reading news. For popular moblie games like PUBG or coalition, Galaxy A03s fights well at medium graphics. Anyf configuration is almost equivalent to the new Galaxy A04s using 8-core Exynos 850 chip.

Even compared to the battery, the Galaxy A03s and A04s also have quite terrible battery life based on the 5000 mAh battery. It can watch videos continuously for more than 15 hours. Both support 15W fast charging. If you take the performance criteria, buying a Galaxy A03S user still has no loss compared to the Galaxy A04s.

Galaxy A03s screen is a bit weaker than Galaxy A04s

Galaxy A03s comes with a 6.5-inch IPS screen, with a resolution of 1,600 x 720, losing a pixel density of 270 pixels / inch higher than many competitors in the same segment. When watching movies or reading news, the image quality of the Galaxy A03s is fine and does not feel cheap. It has the same 60Hz rate as high-end smartphones like the iPhone 14.

However, the junior Galaxy A04s has a refresh rate to 90Hz and has a slightly higher brightness, so the visual experience, especially when playing games on the Galaxy A04s, will certainly be better.

Galaxy A04S camera is more powerful

The point that makes Samsung Galaxy A03s lose to its junior is the camera cluster. The rear camera cluster of the Galaxy A03s includes a 13 MP main lens and two 2 MP secondary lenses. Bringing relatively diverse shooting capabilities for many user needs, including night shooting. The front camera of the device has a resolution of 5MP.

Meanwhile, the junior brings a powerful upgrade including a 50 MP main camera & 2 MP secondary camera, 2 MP with a 5MP front camera. This configuration also includes general-purpose main lenses, and two secondary lenses for depth measurement + Macro shooting, but the main 50MP camera offers sharper photography than the Galaxy A03s’ 13MP camera.


With a price of about 3 million dong, Galaxy A03s almost possesses superior hardware power compared to its peers. Of course, it is the right choice if you have about 3 million VND in hand and want the most comprehensive smartphone possible.

However, think of spending an extra 260,000 VND, Vietnamese customers can own a Galaxy A04s that is equal in performance but has a better screen and, importantly, a better camera. So this March 2023, Galaxy A04s is a wiser choice than Galaxy A03s.

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