Should foil in an oil-free fryer?

Should foil in an oil-free fryer?


2021-03-25 12:05:39

Can foil be used in an oil-free fryer, is it good to use foil in an oil-free fryer? This is the question of many housewives when using an oil-free fryer, learn the article below to know how to use the oil-free fryer correctly, to ensure your health.

What is banknotes?

Aluminum foil is very light, thin aluminum foil, with a metal component that is easy to shape. Aluminum foil is often used to wrap, wrap, top or bottom when cooking and storing food.

Is it okay to line foil in an oil-free fryer?

According to research experts, if you know how to use it, you can completely use foil in the cooking process in an oil-free fryer.

Oil-free fryers work by using the principle of vacuum frying with a heat bar heating mechanism (heat source from electricity) and combined with a convection radiator fan, helping food to be cooked by hot air homogeneity.

Aluminum foil has good heat conduction, used in an oil-free fryer to help cook food evenly, quickly, and limit the amount of oil in the baked food.

Use foil in an oil-free fryer

How to use foil in an oil-free fryer

  • Avoid letting the foil touch the bottom of the pot directly, into the fryer side.
  • Do not allow grease to overflow on aluminum foil, and easily burn burnt food.
  • Avoid wrapping aluminum foil too tightly on food, making it easy to cook unevenly.
  • After each baking, replace the foil with a new one.
  • Choose a thick aluminum foil that’s good for baking.

Correctly using foil in an oil-free fryer will both help you achieve a delicious dish and help protect the fryer from durable oil.


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