Should I buy a treadmill or exercise bike to exercise at home?

Should I buy a treadmill or exercise bike to exercise at home?


2021-07-27 00:52:28

There are many criteria for making a decision:”Should I buy a treadmill or exercise bike? to exercise at home?” Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at a few criteria to make the selection easier for you!

Overall evaluation of treadmill and exercise bike machine

Treadmills or exercise bikes are two convenient home exercise equipment. It helps:

  • Maintain a daily exercise routine during the COVID-19 outbreak and social isolation.
  • Limit the harmful effects and dangers from the outside such as weather, sunshine, rain, dust and traffic accidents.
  • Maintaining daily exercise helps you exercise health, strengthen resistance, repel diseases.
  • Control your weight, increase your ability to burn calories, improve your physique.
  • Helps increase heart health, blood circulation, reduce stress, improve quality of life
  • Two products are suitable for many users: age, gender, physical condition.

Cycling machines are a popular product todayCycling machines are a popular product today

Criteria to choose whether to buy a treadmill or an exercise bike



Exercise bike at home


The ability to burn calories is high (about 750 calories / hour) and is integrated with many features such as massage, waist rotation, weight training, sit-ups … to help bring about better weight loss and muscle toning effects.

The effect of the treadmill burns fewer calories (about 550 calories / hour), so the weight loss effect is not as high as the treadmill.


There are more entertainment functions, listening to music, watching videos …

Not available

Usable space

Occupy large area of ​​use

Does not take up much space, can be folded

User object

Suitable for all types of users thanks to the feature of adjusting the speed at will. However, the treadmill affects the joints, so people with arthritis or just starting out will have pain

Suitable for all users. Put less pressure on knees, ankles, feet or hips. Therefore, it is suitable for people with arthritis


Has a complicated design and many buttons, so it is more difficult to use, especially for the elderly

Simple to use


It is easy to get injured during practice, typically in the case of a fall

Less risk of injury during exercise


Has a high price range from 10 to 50 million VND

Smaller price only from 2-3 million

Based on the features, pros and cons of the treadmill and home exercise bike shared above, you must have considered deciding which fitness equipment to buy, right? For more specific advice on treadmill products, home exercise bikes, you can contact

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