Should I Buy ADA, SOL ETH? Should You Ask Do You Have Confidence?

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2021-11-25 06:46:27

Update on SEC and Ripple lawsuit

Ripple requires the SEC to hand over securities approval documents to employees. Normally, SEC employees must be approved before purchasing any securities to prevent conflicts of interest. Ripple made this request to know if any SEC employees have applied to buy XRP.

If the SEC approves any employee to buy XRP, this means that XRP is not a security. Based on this, Ripple can use as a basis to counter the SEC that if XRP is an unregistered security, why should SEC employees be bought. This requirement of Ripple will put the SEC in a dilemma.

However, the SEC did not accept the release of this document. The SEC reasoned that this document is not related to the lawsuit against Ripple. Second, the SEC only approves the purchase of securities by employees to prevent conflicts of interest, so even if an SEC employee buys XRP, it cannot prove whether XRP is a security or not.

The court has yet to make a decision on this request of XRP. Ripple is giving itself certain advantages. If this lawsuit is won by Ripple, it will be good for the whole Crypto market. It will demoralize the agency that specializes in suppressing crypto companies.

Reasons for long-term investment

To choose to invest in a coin or a project we have a lot of factors to consider. With long-term price average investment, Thuan will choose a coin for long-term investment. One of the factors is that we need to find out information and reviews about that project or coin. When having this assessment, to choose long-term investment, it is necessary to have confidence in the development of that project. Beliefs are based on informed information, knowledge, and judgment. And what will cause those coins or coins/tokens to grow.

Next, there are perspectives, knowledge about the project, network, mission of this project built. Because when investing in BTC it is not only technology but also many factors such as economics, human psychology, society,… Without trust and knowledge, investors are very susceptible to fomo, easily influenced by information in the market and make wrong decisions.

Like the consensuses that choose long-term investments since 2017 such as BTC, ETH, ADA and some other coins, Thuan also chooses based on the above factors. At the time of buying, the coins reached their peak and many people thought that at that time there was no longer an opportunity for them to invest and make a profit. But so far, these coins have grown very strongly and most of the prices that Thuan buys are profitable.

The coin that has been paying a lot of attention recently, ADA, SOL or even ETH has also grown strongly recently. These are different development platforms, it’s for development projects. These coins have all gone from small ranks to the top 10 and high positions in terms of market capitalization.

Another factor is that as projects grow, the community’s trust is reflected in current holding and staking. Like ETH, although staking will not be withdrawn until ETH 2.0 is completed, the amount of participation in staking is increasing. Ha ADA is being held for a long time by the community and is staking up to 71%. The recent strong growth coin, SOL has a staking amount of up to 74.7% of the amount of SOL in the market.

When the community believes in long-term holding, the coins put on staking will reduce the supply in the market. If demand continues to increase, prices will increase. In addition, the majority of altcoins, large and small, still follow the trend of Bitcoin. Therefore, to hold altcoins, investors also need to have confidence in the growth of BTC.

Past BTC halving seasons or hypothetical models of BTC growth are still true and widely believed. This 2021 growth has also been predicted and believed by investors. However, if BTC changes and goes into winter at this time, the community will change beliefs that can change the previous rules of BTC. Rules or hypotheses will need to be revisited.

Recently, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen said that the United States is on track to default on its debt in October. However, a person in the US House of Representatives said: “We cannot go bankrupt because we are insolvent. We have the ability to print a lot of money when we need to spend…”

It can be seen that, whether Bitcoin fluctuates up or down, the long-term trend of the USD or most other fiat currencies is the trend of inflation and decrease in value. This is the reason assets grow.

Investing in the short term can be very unpredictable. As news of recent increase in inflation caused some assets such as stocks, gold, … to decrease in price because of the fear that the FED will raise interest rates. But in the long run, rising inflation will be a major driver of asset appreciation. Therefore, long-term investment will make it easier for investors to make predictions with higher accuracy rates.

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