Should I buy an iPhone 14 Lock at a ‘super bargain’ price but can’t make calls?

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2022-11-25 03:13:09

The price of iPhone 14 locked this year is ‘too cheap’

iPhone 14 US version does not support SIM tray

As you know, this year’s iPhone 14 in the US market does not come with a physical SIM tray and can only be used with an eSIM, so currently, these iPhone 14 Lock still have no way to unlock it. network like previous iPhone Lock lines. Therefore, the price of iPhone 14 lock this year is also much cheaper than iPhone 13 (launched in 2021). With iPhone 13, users can use it as a paired SIM or ICCID to be able to unlock the network and make calls completely normally.

Currently, the price of locked iPhone 14 versions is really ‘very cheap’. If the iPhone 13 Pro Max locked a year ago fluctuated about 32 million VND, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, users only spent about 20 million VND to own the most advanced model of Apple today.

So should buy iPhone 14 locked or not?

Need to clearly determine the need before ‘down the money’ to buy iPhone 14 lock

Whether there will be a solution to listen and call locked iPhone 14 without SIM tray, this is still an unanswered question. Therefore, you need to clearly define your needs before buying the ‘network lock’ version.

If you do not have the need to use iPhone 14 as your main phone or you already have a phone used to make calls, send messages and only use your iPhone 14 ‘locked’ to surf the web, play games through a Wi-Fi connection. -Fi, this will be a very reasonable choice. Beautiful screen, high performance, powerful upgraded camera and Dynamic Island system on iPhone 14 will bring you great experiences in all needs and tasks.

Besides, the ability to ‘resell’ the locked iPhone 14 will also be lower than previous generation versions. Most users will use a single device and there is no high demand to use a second phone for entertainment. Therefore, you should also be psychologically ready for the ‘transfer’ of a 14-locked iPhone that will be much more difficult than the old-generation locked iPhone models, which will likely be pushed significantly lower than the previous generation. the price you bought before.


Although the iPhone 14 lock has an extremely attractive price, you should really consider using it for your own needs. A product is really valuable when you use it for its intended purpose!

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