Should I buy iPhone 11 with original seal to use for about 4 more years?

Should I buy iPhone 11 with original seal to use for about 4 more years?

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2023-03-19 01:04:46

iPhone has always been a product line favored by many Vietnamese customers because of its modern design, powerful performance and top photography capabilities. However, most modern iPhones are being sold at quite high prices, the cheapest currently is iPhone 11 with prices from 10 million.

Latest iPhone 11 price update in March

Updated on the afternoon of March 18, the price of iPhone 11 has many fluctuations but still has a strong downward trend. Specifically, the price of breaking the iPhone 11 box is detailed as follows:

  • iPhone 11 – 64GB: VND 10,950,000
  • iPhone 11 – 128GB: 12,490,000 VND
  • iPhone 11 – 256GB: VND 19,000,000

Thus, the price of iPhone 11 is being reduced from 1 to 4.5 million VND compared to the listed price at launch, making it the cheapest, most modern, fully functional iPhone in Apple’s house.

The advantages of iPhone 11

iPhone 11 has been equipped with a new tempered glass layer on both sides, increasing its durability compared to its predecessors. In addition, it is also added with many eye-catching color options and redesigned camera cluster to create a more modern and trendy appearance.

iPhone 11 is equipped with Apple’s liquid Retina HD screen technology with a large 6.1-inch LCD panel that delivers sharp, detailed images and true-to-life colors. Although this screen only supports the same 60Hz refresh rate as previous generations to save battery, it still has good enough visibility, easy to switch scenes without being too slow or laggy.

Compared to mid-range smartphones with the same price, iPhone 11 is clearly more prominent with the A13 Bionic chip with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal memory with the ability to conquer all hot games and save battery optimally. In addition, iPhone 11 also supports Wi-Fi 6 with faster speeds and more stable connections.

iPhone 11 also has an additional 1 hour of usage time compared to iPhone XR. Apple also said that it has improved the inside to make the new iPhone more water-resistant than its predecessor.

Compared to iPhone XR, iPhone 11 has been upgraded by Apple in terms of camera clusters. Instead of a single camera like its predecessor, iPhone 11 has a dual camera cluster including an ultra-wide camera that allows you to take better group photos and landscapes.

The front camera is also upgraded from 7MP to 12MP for users to take sharp, detailed and naturally beautiful selfies. This is also the first iPhone to support super slow-motion video recording in the selfie camera to create interesting movies.

Some disadvantages of iPhone 11

Up to the present time, the iPhone 11 has had some obsolescence, for example, the design. In this price range, you can find phones with much thinner bezels than the iPhone 11. Even without waiting another 4 years, the iPhone 11 screen is also considered obsolete at this point. Although the screen of the iPhone 11 is not bad, the resolution, refresh rate and even the panel are far behind other competitors in the same price range.

The iPhone 11’s minimum 64GB internal memory is also outdated, so if you want to upgrade to 128GB, you also have to spend a lot more money. The dual camera set is just enough to use, there is no versatile telephoto camera. The battery is just enough for basic use and charging is not as fast as an Android phone.


If you don’t use a lot of heavy tasks, don’t play games, the iPhone 11 will still comfortably meet the needs of use for about 4 more years without worrying about being outdated. However, choose the 128GB internal memory version to comfortably store important documents, photos and videos.

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