“Should I charge my iPhone overnight?”

“Should I charge my iPhone overnight?”


2021-03-24 22:31:04

Apple confirmed that continuing to charge iPhone when the battery is fully charged will adversely affect battery life and advises users to stop charging when the battery is full. However, the habit of recharging overnight is contrary to this advice.

The reason to stop charging an iPhone overnight has to do with the construction of a lithium-ion battery. As lithium-ion batteries “age”, they chemically corrode, the amount of charge they can hold decreases, leading to reduced battery life and maximum performance degradation.

However, Apple says the way users charge the battery can also reduce battery life significantly faster if “maintaining a fully charged state for a long time, the battery health may be affected”, Apple recommends above. its website. This means keeping the battery at 100% continuously is not good for the iPhone.

And to fix this problem, since iOS 13 Apple has developed a feature called Optimized Battery Charging, which works by analyzing how often users plug in the charger, Control charging speed when the battery reaches from 80%.

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But even with this protection in place, staying plugged in overnight can slowly drain your battery. Even though your phone stops charging at 100 percent, the small charges continuing when it drops to 99 percent while you sleep will still affect its longevity.

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Also, while overcharging can damage the iPhone’s battery, worse still, drain its battery. Eric Griffith – editor of PC Magazine wrote: “Using a smartphone until the battery is depleted is not a good way to use it with a lithium-ion battery. %, that depletes the lithium-ion battery faster than normal. ” And if the iPhone “is constantly fully charged and doesn’t let the battery drop below 50%, then you will actually help increase battery life”.

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