Should I register for the ST70K package or the Viettel ST70 package?

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2021-05-25 17:54:42

Both ST70K and ST70 Viettel packages are priced at 70,000 VND, the usage time of both these packages is within 30 days from the time of registration, however, customers will receive different incentives to serve customers. many needs. Both ST70K and ST70 Viettel packages are popular Viettel data packages and are registered by many customers. Here are the differences between the two packages ST70K and Viettel ST70 package.

Difference between ST70K and ST70 Viettel

Pack of data ST70 Viettel offers 30GB high-speed use within 30 days, so customers will have 1GB used in 1 day. Running out of space in 1 day will automatically disconnect until the next day.

Pack of data ST70K Viettel has a lower data capacity than ST70 package, when customers only get provide 15GB within 30 days, use 500MB high speed every day only. However, customers will be Free data space when using TikTok app. That means we will not be deducted from the data capacity of the ST70K package when using the TikTok application.

Thus, we can see that the ST70K Viettel package is aimed at customers who have entertainment needs on the TikTok application that is completely free of data to use, while the ST70 Viettel will meet customers who want a high data capacity to use for many different purposes. All entertainment services that use data, including using TikTok, are included in the 30GB of Viettel ST70 package.

If you are a frequent visitor to TikTok, you can consider the ST70K Viettel package that will be more suitable.


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