Should the phone be charged overnight or not?

Should the phone be charged overnight or not?


2021-03-30 18:14:28

“Should I charge my phone overnight?” has always been a question of concern and controversy by users.

Antonio Villas-Boas, technology reporter at Bussiness Insider said that plugging in the phone charger overnight or continuing to charge for hours after reaching 100% battery level, will cause the aging process of lithium-ion batteries Smartphones are being accelerated.

According to Dominik Schulte – director of a German-based BatterieIngenieure technology consultancy, battery life will be negatively affected if you charge your phone to 100% and keep plugging it in. or overnight charging. To avoid plugging in the charger overnight when the battery is full, users should charge the phone in the morning or another time.

Will battery aging accelerate when the battery is full?

All lithium-ion batteries have a limited lifespan and battery capacity will decrease over time. Either way, this can’t be changed, but you can make the process faster or slower.

According to Antonio Villas-Boas, as the battery ages, its internal chemical composition will change and negatively affect the device’s ability to store and supply electricity. Smartphone manufacturers know about this but do not care about users plugging in the charger for too long because they think this does not cause problems. The overnight charging issue was mentioned by Apple, but the technology company did not say that this action is harmful.

Many people believe that continuing to plug in when the battery is full will accelerate the aging process. Photo: Bussiness Insider.

However, Ronald Ho, a project manager at Google disagrees with Antonio Villas-Boas’s view. Ho said that the notion of overcharging or overcharging is bad, because today’s devices are packed with modern batteries and technologies that optimize the charging process. Only when the phone’s battery is below 100% will it receive power from the charger, when it reaches 100%, the phone’s internal battery charger will stop charging automatically.

30% -50% is the ideal battery level of the phone

But there is one thing that both Schulte and the phone companies advise users, should keep the battery at a certain level when not using the phone for a period of time. That is in the range of 30% -50%, when the battery is at this rate its slowest aging rate.

On the website of Samsung mobile phone company clearly, before not using the phone, users should charge the battery “at least 50%”. Apple also advises users that, when storing the device for a long time, keep the iPhone’s battery capacity at half as this can help increase battery life.

The phone can be charged at multiple times
The phone can be charged at multiple times. Photo: Bussiness Insider.

But since users always carry the phone with them and can only charge it during certain times of the day, keeping the battery at 30% -50% is not easy.

However, Antonio Villas-Boas has to admit that it is not easy to realize the harmful effects of overnight charging on the aging process of phone batteries. Many users change their phones once or two every year, and these are the ones who will never notice a difference.

Every phone will lose its battery over time but with negative charging habits of users, this process will be speeded up.

Whether the point of plugging in the phone to charge overnight or continuing to charge for many hours after reaching 100% battery level will cause the aging process of the smartphone’s lithium-ion battery to be accelerated, right or wrong, perhaps users are also No need to worry. By now, manufacturers have offered more options for cheap battery replacement. If buying a new device goes beyond your budget, this is also a great option.


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