Should you buy a used car: Win and lose!

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2022-09-21 06:23:51

1. What are the benefits of buying a used car?

Buying a used car brings a lot of benefits to users. Among them can be mentioned the top reasons for users to choose this item. That is:

Optimal economical solution

There are many types of used cars. A brand new car that has just been purchased is also called a used car. A newly launched car, just taking it out of the showroom, is also lost from 7% – 15% compared to before buying.

In the following years, the value of the car gradually decreases at a higher rate. Therefore, buying used car users can save optimally on initial costs. This is the first reason people think of choosing an old car over a new one. Meanwhile, the fees and taxes incurred for used cars are also much lower than for new cars.

Buying a used car is the optimal solution to save money in the initial cost

Small budget but can buy a higher class car

With a certain amount of money, if you choose to buy a new car, you can only choose a low-end car. Meanwhile, with used cars, there are more options, it is possible to buy a much higher class car for a small amount of money. This is one of the important reasons for users to consider when deciding whether to buy a used car or not.

The psychology of car protection is more comfortable

Spending a large amount of money to own a new car, you will be quite worried when you have to calculate how to best protect and care for the car, avoid scratches as little as possible. While with a new car, daily driving will be more comfortable, not “sorry” like using a new car. Therefore, used cars are the number one priority when choosing to buy a serviced car.

Should buying a used car be a concern of many people?

2. The disadvantages of old cars

Although it is an economical solution, old cars also have many disadvantages. This is the most confusing thing when answering the question of whether to buy a used car. Used cars often have visible limitations such as:

  • It is difficult to identify and check the actual quality of the car if you do not have experience and do not know the car seller.
  • If you do not have experience in choosing, it is very likely that you will buy a poor quality old car that has been renewed by “cheek cheeks” to deceive the naked eye.
  • Old cars will often not perform as well as new cars, this is the biggest drawback, especially with very old cars.
  • The car is too old, the engine is noisy, the maintenance cost is high, and it can be damaged often

Used cars are always the first choice for those who need a serviced car

3. Should you buy a used car?

Through the above analysis, users can have an overview of whether to buy a used car or not. In the Vietnamese market, used car transactions are still very active thanks to the large supply and diverse demand.

Used cars are always the first choice of users who need a car but have a limited budget. Used cars are also suitable for those who buy cars for service or transportation, first-time car buyers, etc. So, depending on financial ability and actual usage needs, users should consider and choose. Choose the right car. And of course, buying a used car is always an economical solution for buyers.

In order to buy a quality used car, you need to equip yourself with some necessary knowledge in checking and assessing the condition and quality of the car. If you are wondering where to buy a used car, you can search for car listings on

Here, users will easily access used car ads from different brands, and can use the search filter to select the year of manufacture, favorite color, or select by price range. Financially suitable,… Not to mention, with the knowledge and experience of buying and selling used and new cars that are updated every day, users also get a lot of useful information to help make the car buying process safe. , successful.

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