SkyArk holds a Gleam contest to celebrate the milestone of 20,000 followers

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2022-04-08 11:46:36

SkyArk NFT giveaway celebrates 20,000 followers

From the launch of the project in October 2021 to the completion of the Binance incubation process, SkyArk has come a long way.

To get to this day, it is impossible without the companionship from the user community. From 8,000 people who supported and participated in the first NFT giveaway event in March, this number has increasedhas been steadily growing and at the time of writing both SkyArk’s Twitter and Facebook have reached 20,000 followers. To celebrate this important milestone, SkyArk decided to launch a new giveaway with extremely valuable whitelists as rewards.


  • The contest will start from April 7-15, 2022.
  • 50 random participants will win a special whitelist spot.
  • Each whitelisted slot is a ticket to buy up to 5 boxes of NFT blind at a discounted price.
  • SkyArk will announce the winners on Twitter.
  • To join the SkyArk Gleam Contest, go here:

Learn more about the project: Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Discord | Website

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