SkyBridge CEO: “US and China will allow crypto trading”

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2022-05-05 14:01:21

Anthony Scaramucci, Former White House Communications Director, Investment Fund Founder SkyBridge Capital expressed that the acceptance of crypto trading is certain in the US and China.

Scaramucci in the Bahamas Crypto Conference

Speaking at Bahamas Crypto Conference, CEO of SkyBridge Capital said that cryptocurrencies will soon be allowed to trade by the Chinese and US governments. With the relatively large demand for Bitcoin in the country of billions of people, China is likely to revoke the Bitcoin ban.

“Although China may not like this. Even some US regulators do. But remember about Uber. No agency wants to license Uber but the people do.”

The CEO emphasized the benefits of blockchain technology in organizations and work. Gradually, the government and people will eliminate the dependence on 3rd parties when making transactions.

The cryptocurrency trading ban imposed by China starting September 2021 includes transactions through the international-based organization. However, according to a report by the People’s Bank of China in March 2022, the percentage of people in this country who trade bitcoin up to 10% on the total number of global BTC transactions.

While in the country of flags, note 73 million won US citizens holding cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the fact that Scaramucci is optimistic about cryptocurrencies and the future of blockchain is completely grounded.

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