Slight increase, how much will the agent cost?

Slight increase, how much will the agent cost?


2023-04-01 14:02:45

On April 1, Honda Vietnam announced the new prices of many models currently sold in our market, including the national scooter model Honda Vision. Accordingly, the price of Honda Vision cars has increased slightly from 400 to 500 thousand VND (depending on the version).

Specifically, the standard Honda Vision 2022 will be sold at a new price of 31.69 million VND. The new selling price of Honda Vision 2022 Premium and Special editions is VND 33.39 million and VND 34.79 million, respectively. Compared to the old selling price, the new selling price of these versions has increased by 400 thousand VND. However, many people think that the price of Honda Vision 2022 will be even higher when going to the dealer.

Meanwhile, Honda Vision 2022 Sport version has a price increase of 500,000 VND, to 37.09 million VND. The new price of Honda Vision 2022 will be applied starting from April 1, 2023. Besides Honda Vision, some other Honda scooter models such as Honda Air Blade, Honda LEAD, Honda Vario, Honda SH Mode or Honda SH also increased in price during this time.

Honda Vietnam said that the reason for the adjustment is due to the context of global economic fluctuations affecting the raw materials market, leading to a change in the selling price of input materials that has a direct impact on the price. manufacture.

Honda Vision is the most popular scooter model in the Vietnamese market thanks to its compact design and luxurious design. Through many upgrades, the latest generation Honda Vision not only possesses an eye-catching appearance but also has many modern equipment compared to competitors in the same segment. Notable features on Honda Vision include trunk with phone charging port, Smartkey smart key, instrument cluster with clear interface, cast rim with 6-spoke design, …

In the small scooter segment, Honda Vision competes directly with Yamaha Janus and a number of electric motorcycle models. However, compared to competitors, Honda Vision still won the hearts of Vietnamese users and achieved extremely high monthly sales.

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