Smart contact lenses that display data that bring science fiction to life

Smart contact lenses that display data that bring science fiction to life


2021-03-22 03:30:07

You are staring at the stars, and suddenly in the night sky right in your sight appears images, maps of constellations or you are walking in an unfamiliar street and want to find a restaurant, electronic arrows will appear in space to show you the way. Things that only happen in these sci-fi movies will soon appear in the future when smart contact lenses by Mojo Vision, the US start-up company, hit the market.

Mojo Vision’s contact lenses can connect to the Internet thanks to the built-in antenna. Photo: Mojo Vision.

Mojo Vision’s smart contact lenses incorporate augmented reality (AR) technology that displays images on a micro-screen and antenna for connection to other machines or the Internet. This allows users to move on the street, clearly see the machine assembly steps or make presentations without looking at the screen.

Currently, Mojo Vision is improving the product to be licensed in the medical device category. And it is expected that this smart contact lens will be released on the market after 3 years.

Previously smart contact lenses were only used to detect glaucoma but thanks to the help of 5G mobile network and augmented reality technology, it can act as a navigation system or guide workers. during production.

In addition to Mojo Vision, a number of other companies are also working on smart contact lenses.

For example, a product from Innovega that combines smart eyeglasses and contact lenses for a more natural AR experience, with a 100-degree field of view that excites many video game investors.

Data from Innovega's system makes it possible for users "look" higher.  Photo: Innovega.
Data from Innovega’s system helps users to “see” increase. Photo: Innovega.

Another noteworthy name is the QD Laser with the quantum dot technology, which transmits the images captured by the camera integrated in the eyeglasses through the laser ear, projecting the image directly to the retina. Glass manufacturer Zoff – Intermestic cooperates with QD Laser for lighter product innovation without the need for wiring. It is expected that the product will launch in early 2024 and be widely used in the entertainment field.


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