Snapdragon Drives the Future of Mobile Computing With Industry AI Innovations For Windows 11

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2022-11-21 02:56:08

Leaders from Microsoft, Adobe, and Citi described how Snapdragon technology, with its groundbreaking AI capabilities, is improving their businesses, and expressed support for Snapdragon computing to accelerate PC modernization and elevate AI experiences in thin, fanless products.

“Our vision is to foster the fusion of mobile and PC and bring the best of a smartphone to your laptop. Advanced software, custom hardware, unmatched connectivity, and broad ecosystem support set Snapdragon computing products apart from industry competitors. With Snapdragon at the heart of the premium experience, we continue to deliver the innovative designs and extraordinary experiences our users deserve, driving the transition to Windows across devices. use Snapdragon.”said Mr. Kedar Kondap, Senior Vice President & CEO, Computing & Gaming at Qualcomm Technology Corporation.

Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft are elevating AI capabilities and transforming modern laptops with industry-leading performance, neural processing and efficiency with the Snapdragon computing platform. This partnership on Snapdragon has brought new experiences with enhanced AI to Windows 11 users, including experiences on Voice Focused Effects and Background Blur behind the Windows Studio Effects feature (Windows Studio Effects). Auto Framing and Eye Contact are two highlights of the Surface Pro 9 5G launch, featuring a Microsoft SQ3 chip powered by Snapdragon. Snapdragon transfers these compute-intensive tasks to a dedicated AI Engine instead of using the usual CPU and GPU for incredible performance and power efficiency.

Snapdragon AR2 product.

ISV resources like the Windows Developer Kit 2023 powered by the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 chip make it easy for developers using a dedicated AI Engine to enhance their experience, whether it’s running productivity tools , play games or use creative apps. To simplify workflows and push creative boundaries, Adobe used the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 developer toolkit to ensure the Creative Suite utilizes its processing capabilities. dedicated AI management to deliver a more intuitive and personal experience when incorporating Adobe Sensei. Additionally, today, Adobe announced that by 2023, more important Adobe Creative Cloud apps will be available on Windows 11 PCs using the Snapdragon computing platform. This announcement is the latest result from a company-wide commitment [link Adobe note] to leverage Snapdragon technology and deliver best-in-class app experiences.

Businesses like Citi are also leveraging the AI ​​innovations, enhanced performance and energy efficiency of the Snapdragon compute platform to take the concept of ‘productivity’ and ‘collaboration’ to the next level. while promoting sustainability goals. Citi today announced plans to convert more than 70% of its 300,000 global users to mobile computing products, including award-winning products using Snapdragon technology such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s .

Snapdragon Drives the Future of Mobile Computing with AI innovation.

The PC ecosystem recognizes that Windows 11 PCs powered by the Snapdragon computing platform improve productivity, collaboration, and security from virtually anywhere – helping drive business goals and exceeded industry expectations. See quotes from key industry leaders who have leveraged the Snapdragon computing platform to drive innovation.

Please learn more about how the Snapdragon Compute Platform is driving the convergence of Mobile and PC here.

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