So far, is Crypto a SCAM?

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2023-01-15 13:52:42

Many of us enjoy ChatGPT’s problem-solving abilities or MidJourney’s melancholy painting skills, but few know that AI technology dates back to the 1950s, spent decades in doubt and uncertainty. constantly warned by the media. AI has also become a classic movie theme with armies of killer robots with power, greed, and calculation. AI has also been opposed by people in the scientific research community for fear of threatening humanity.

We believe that, like AI or any nascent technology, crypto is part of an unfinished future technology picture. What is not clear is always doubted, feared, even sought to be excluded by the majority.

After the two crashes of LUNA and FTX and many big names, many investors lost money and lost confidence in the market. In addition, those who have not been able to learn carefully also have bad visions of the industry.

From that fact, the CHK Insights team introduces readers to a video series called #TheTrue, with a multi-dimensional perspective on issues and entities in the blockchain world… entirety. Thereby, helping investors to be in the right mood when participating in this market full of opportunities and risks.

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